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Mar 27, 2001

Why have you banned us charming Australians from playing Scavenger Hunt???

Hi Colly,

It had something to do sheep :) just kidding!

Actually, Captain Cooks is sponsoring the contest this month and they don't accept wagers from Australians (being based in Australia; legal stuff). In order to answer the questions correctly, ya gotta download the software. Wouldn't make sense for a banned jurisdiction person to download the software since you'd never be able to become one of their customers (unless you move). Sorry :(

Sheep Brian- You haven't banned New Zealanders or Utah Brats so that can't be it.

I have had an account at Captian Cooks for several years now and at last look it is certainly not registered or licenced in Australia (from which with fabulous logic AUstralians are banned). I think it was also the sponsor when I won "Millionaire"

Unless this is a new thing- but I understood the ban on net gambling for Autsralian doesn't come into effect for 6 months (well 5 now) and it wasn't actually a ban but put banks in the position of not being able to enforce credit card debts.

Have you any more information or know something I don't- I am certianly not being prevented from playing at other MG, RTG sites.

Hi Colly,

It could be a new thing. After the Danish fiasco with Vegas Strip, I've been asking all of the casinos listed here to provide me with jurisdictions that they don't accept customers from. It seems that if their offices are located in whatever country (some Boss Media casinos don't do business with Swedes; BM is in Sweden, etc.) they can't accept wagers from there. Same goes for the liscensing country. If you live in Antigua, might as well play for fun at most online casinos.

If you've had an account there for awhile, maybe you are grandfathered in and they only aren't accepting new players from Aussie-land. Or maybe you slipped through the cracks. You could always ask them. See what happens :)

this cant be true
banning sheep or collies
who would do such a thing i ask you?

and highly discriminatory to the noble professions of a colly and a shepherdess is it not? (I hope you appreciate how hard that word was to spell after "several" cocktails).

I trust we wont have that problem in October-are you bringing the sheep and should I bring working gear.


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