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Oct 11, 2002
Stay away from Blast21. I believe they are affiliated with Casino Extreme. They seem to like to send out bonus offers and when you win they call you a bonus abuser. I think it's a shame when the player complies to the terms and conditions risks their own money and when they win the casino accuses them of abusing the bonus offer. What are you supposed to do?? Keep playing until you lose it all to them???
I know of someone who played at Blast21 and won $165.00. After them requesting all the documents and claiming they were not recieved or illegible then too large and finally called her an abuser. And did not even send her original deposit back.
Some of you need to read up on our "Rogue Casino" section. :D Yes, they are affiliated with Casino Extreme. Yes, they have a history of unorthodox business practices.

This probably could go in the "Jokes" thread,
but the link below is from a WOL thread announcing
that Extreme, Blast21, Heat, Ruby Dragon,ect.
are all under "new management", and ,of course,
are to be completely trusted now. (hahahahaha)

Check it out:

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I played at both Blast21 and Casino Extreme last month (November), and was actually paid $300.00 in Blast21 via Neteller within 2 days of initiating withdrawal. I lost playing at Extreme though.

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