Adam Anhang, the famous "Doctor Ho Casino Manager", murdered in Puerto Rico


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Jan 16, 2002
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And the full aricle:

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How sad. I had several pleasant exchanges with DHCM at Winneronline, before he moved on to pastures new and became "Former Doctor Ho". He was a smart, informed, highly informative and highly courteous fellow who willingly furnished us with a lot of information about the inner workings of the online casino, and upon his departure left a gap at Dr. Ho that his successor had a hard time filling. Not that his successor could be blamed too much - DHCM was a class act.

He was only 32.

Rest in peace, dear Doc.
Oh no!!!!!!!! I just talked to him a week or so ago!

Adam was a great guy, one of the most upstanding in the entire industry!!!

Oh boy, this is a great shock to me, and a real loss to the industry!

RIP, Adam!
This is an official statement from CWC Gaming:

CWC is deeply saddened to announce the passing of it's CEO Mr. Adam
Anhang on Friday September 23rd 2005.

Adam was first and foremost a dear friend as well as a colleague.

Adam was well known not only within the i-Gaming Industry but in
specialized Real Estate developments around the Globe.

Adam will be greatly missed by Family, Friends and Business Associates.

CWC has announced that Mr. Steve Reddy moves to CEO from Director as
we transition from this tragic loss and build upon CWC's leadership
position in the Live Gaming space as established by Mr. Adam Anhang.

Steve has been working closely with Adam, he understands both the
Operations and Licensee base.

CWC Thanks you for your many messages of support from across the
Gaming Industry including it's Clients, Licensees, the Press and Friends.

CWC will continue to expand and grow as a tribute to Adam's memory as
we uphold the responsibility we have to ALL our Customers, Licensees
and Employees.

The CWC Family.

Contact Info...

CWC Gaming Inc.

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This is absolutely unbelievable. Adam was a really great guy, and a member of this forum as well. What a horrible thing to happen.
How sad. I remember him being very open and honest. Tragic.
I hope the scum responsible for this frys.
Here's more about Adam. It's really a very sad thing. Still can't believe this has happened.

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No closer to the assailant or his motive:

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Since this was clearly a hit, and not a robbery that went out of control, the motives are intriguing - particularly considering he was such an upstanding fellow. His friends / associates can't pinpoint any area in which he had enemies, and it's hardly information they'd have any reason to withhold.
It's very unusual for a contract killing in the US to involve multiple stabs to the face, especially features such as the lips.

There might be a cultural componant here that I'm not aware of, or the assailant is mentally ill, but most likely there's a strong personal motive. Adam appears to have liked the company of ladies; this may be a jealous husband or boyfriend. If that's the case, the woman involved has got to be terrified of him if she is still alive herself. She very well might not be.
Police sketch of the assailant produced, with widow's assistance. Still no closer to an arrest.

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Adam certainly had the greenbacks a-plenty: property estimated to the value of fifty million dollars. Whoa.
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Justice will never be done, as fdhcm is gone. But they have charged someone - thought others may want to know.
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Recent news:

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By Danica Coto, Associated Press Writer | October 4, 2007

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico --A police officer testified Wednesday that he found it puzzling that the widow of a slain Canadian businessman refused to cooperate with police after his killing two years ago in Puerto Rico.

On the witness stand in the trial of the accused killer of Adam Anhang, homicide investigator Jose Miranda Diaz said Anhang's wife, Aurea Vazquez Rijos, failed to show up twice for police questioning in the days after his murder. Her relatives were also uncooperative, he said.

"I thought to myself, 'Why do these people not want to cooperate when they're supposed to be the first ones to cooperate?'" Miranda said during questioning by the prosecution.

Anhang, a 32-year-old Winnipeg native, was killed on the night of Sept. 23, 2005, as he and Vazquez walked in San Juan's colonial district. Vazquez, who authorities say is now in Italy, was treated for head injuries she sustained in the attack.

Miranda also said Vazquez told police Anhang's assailant had tattoos along both arms, conflicting with other witnesses' reports that the attacker wore a long-sleeved sweater.

The defendant in the murder trial is Jonathan Roman Rivera -- a dishwasher who worked in the San Juan restaurant that Anhang bought for his wife.

Vazquez sued Anhang's parents almost six months after the killing, asking for half of Anhang's assets and earnings acquired during their marriage.

Anhang, who moved to Puerto Rico in 2004, was a real estate investor in several hotel projects in the U.S. Caribbean territory and chief executive officer of an Internet gambling software company

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