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Jun 10, 2005
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have been a bit of a lurker of this site, so am sorry to make my first post a casino complaint.

i guess i only have myself to blame for not following casinomeisters "not recomended list", but i had seen on other forums that people were paid ok by them and the only reason they were not recomended was because of their stupid stunts.

well basically, i joined up at several casinos in their group, some of which i won at, some i lost. i cashed out over month ago, but was never paid, i sent them loads of emails ALL of which were ignored, i tend tried phoning them, each time i was fobbed off with " you will be paid soon"

then i recieved an email asking for my docs, which i thought was strange, as i had already sent them, so i phoned them up again, this time demanding to know what was going on, as i was being ignored by email and given excuses when i phoned up.

the reason given, was that there is a fraudulent gang operating out of my area in the UK, and that it was suspected that i was member, which is absolute load of rubbish.they said that currently there is an investigation under way.

i have been promised my deposits back, but havn't seen any sign of them.

also in the course of the phonecall the gut]y confirmed to me that they do ignore emails "for those who we suspect of fraud"

so what am my options? am i able to pitch a bitch, even though CM doesnt recommend them, or is there any other sites like CM i can put a complaint through
The casino doesn't need to be recommended here in order for you to file a complaint. You can...

1) File a complaint here.

2)Ask at the GPWA "Players' Corner" - xx - they'll have many affiliates who represent Golden Palace and doubtless someone with inroads.

3) Go to xx - "contact" - "player enquiries" and try out the virginal Playtech Player Disputes system. that order, I suggest.

You'll need to remove the xx from the above links.
Hi everyone, i have recieved my deposits back but not my winnings, which are about a $1000. At the time i posted this some months back i remember seeing a few other threads with similar complaints, have any of these been resolved at all?

I've just read on another thread that i am only allowed 60 days to file my dispute, is this correct? as that cant be fair as the casino told me that once they had conducted their investigation i would be paid if i was innocent. this gave me the impression i wouldn't be able to file a complaint till they had completed it.
Jimbo, the CasinoBlaster/GoldenPalace chain is completely morally corrupt and ethically bankrupt.

They owed me around $7000 and refused to pay. I called them almost every day for two months and they finally paid up. Having said that, I was a genuine player - i.e. at no stage did I do anything wrong.

If you haven't done anything wrong (like hitting their casinos with multiple accounts, etc) then they should pay you. Keep calling and hassling them. I complained to Playtech (which didn't really do too much - Iris never really responded to any of my emails) - KGC (who were really nice and put some heat on GP) - NeTeller (who were interested and put some heat on them). A combination of all of these as well as my incessant calling meant they finally caved in and paid the money they owed.

A warning: They will lie cold to you over and over again. Kevin (one of the security guys there) always appeared to be very polite and I do honestly feel he was trying to do the right thing - but some of the other security staff are complete (insert rude word here).

Good luck dude...

paid at last!

just want to let everyone know that i have finally been paid, wahay!!!!!!!

i want to thank everyone who gave me advice and support on here for helping me retrieve my funds.

since that happened i have not joined any casinos as my trust in them has been destoyed somewhat, however at the time i opened an account at a casino that is accredited here, i have come to make my first ever withdrawal and they keep bouncing it back to my account despite sending me emails saying that it is processed.

are all the casinos the same ?

shall i bother chasing this up? i dont think i have the energy to be chasing up a payment for months on end again.
betmax casino

jimbo i play on betmax casino they have cashed to my neteller multiple times ,,they are reputable and a gr8 place to play,,if u use a coupon read it through ,,if u go through playthrough ,,do not play other then what it states or they give ur deposit and nothing else i learned lesson there ,,and admitted was my fault i lost 380$ because of that error but they are gr8 and go head over hills to help u out...:)

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