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Apr 10, 2005

Played at this casino on the 7th won $100 pounds withdrew.

On the 8th i emailed them my id as per their request. I even confirmed with their support people to see if they recieved it they said yes.

Yesterday on the 12th i sent a email, asking where is my money after 5 days?

Today i get a reply asking me to send ids, which in my original email that i sent yesterday i had already said i sent.

WTF dont they read the email b4 sending a reply.

Whats the best thing to do?, i owe my friend around 100 pounds, and need to get it to him today or tomorrow at the latest. (Their policy is 4 day withdraw time i was told)
Oh yeah 1 more thing.

Why dont play tech casinos ever have the option of requesting someone to call you?

From where i am, it costs me $0.50 a minute.

This is what happened yesterday when i tried to call.

1. Ring their number on the site, my $40 calling card has 90 minutes of calling time.

2. A support lady picked up, she sounded on drugs or something, because from the time she pick up the phone and spoke her first words was 30+ seconds.

3. I told her about a withdraw i had waited on for 5+ days.

4. Please hold on sir.

5. Was thinking she has 0 details about me how can she look up my account?

6. wait 5 minutes without a word from the lady, so i go F$@% it and hang up.

What kind of customer support is that....
First option on their contact page is:

1) Live Chat: You can contact us from the Casino Lobby where you will find a link to our Live Chat.

Why not use that? At least that way you will have a log of the chat in case something goes wrong.

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