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Sep 19, 2002

I've just seen this mentioned elsewhere but no experience with it.

Anyone able to speak from experience, or advise on other peoples past experience please ?

This was originally Club Fiore (ex-IOM) which has moved to Kahnawake and went live yesterday. The site has been completely revamped and given a new title:
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. The old GET software has been replaced by download Playtech software with a full selection of games including 9 progressives. There's a wider range of bonuses and Spanish and English language versions. Owners are still Action Online Entertainment with founder/CEO David Belfiore still at the helm and David Hope-Robertson managing. They passed the stringent IOM licensing probity and financial checks some time back and are well funded and established.
Unfortunately, they are not accepting customers from the US! :(
Are you sure they don't accept US players? Where does it say this in their terms and conditions? I know they couldn't accept these players with the IoM license.

They have a Thursday 'Night Owl' Promotion that's based on EDT time. If they wanted European players, why don't they make the time more in line with GMT?

Can anyone tell me why they gave up on the IoM license?

I doubled the initial deposit bonus. I've always done well with Playtech blackjack.
Also, I forgot to mention that at the moment you can only play in US$. Most players (assuming no US players are allowed) would rather play in euros or pounds.

A lot of Microgaming casinos allow depositing in these currencies and it saves a lot of exchange rate fees and commissions when using credit cards. If you deposit $100 and get the same refunded and your credit card account isn't in US$, you would usually get charged the equivalent of nearly $6 just due to these fees!

If you are playing from UK, you should play these Microgaming casinos in pounds using a debit card. The bonuses are usually the same in UK pounds so they are effectively nearly 50% higher (although you obviously have to deposit more too)! The casinos also refund the winnings to the card.
Well try to sign up with a US address and you'll get the message that they cannot accept players from your region at this time (I'm not in one of the states that bans online gaming either). I had to dig around all over their website to finally find one little blurb about the promos not being available to players in the US. Its in the fine print at the bottom of the promotions page I think, or T&C page.

I wish they did accept US players, they seem to have alot of great promos!
Regarding reasons for leaving IOM I asked the management that question during an exchange but they did not respond to it.

However, it is no secret that there have been some reservations about the regulating authority procedures by a number of the licensees who claim there are excessive delays and bureaucracy in trying to get things done. That might now have been addressed as I know the comments were passed on to the IOM government as an early warning informative.
They say they don't allow US residents but I can't see it in their terms and conditions.

In reply to your question about currency we are set up for US$ as this is the most commomly used currency internationally. We are developing alternative currency facilities and shall be able to offer a choice in the near future. The currency is not to accommodate US players who, as you say, are not permitted to play for cash at Action Online Casino. The time zone we use is set because our operations are based in Canada.

Kind regards

David Hope Robertson
Director of Casino Operations
Well it doesn't really say it anywhere, belive me I looked. The only thing it says is in one of the T&C pages regarding promotions that the promos are not redeemable by residents of the US.
By the way, they replaced the Thursday and Monday $100 match bonuses with something else. The Thursday 'Night Owl' promo was a bit flawed because it was only really night time in USA Eastern time (midnight to 2am) and I suppose it encouraged you to play when you were tired!

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