Dec 4, 2003
Stanley Acropolis' customer service line 877 426-4640 has been picked up by a fax for 3 days. Do they not realize it is odd that they aren't getting any calls to customer service? Is anyone even home there?
No email support

I had a problem with their bonuses and wrote an email to discuss it. I Did not get any reply. I repeated it at least 10 times, but still did not receive any reply. I requested a withdrawal, I hope I'll receive my winnings. But I'll finish the game in this casino.
Guess I'm lucky I lost :)

Wouldn't want to be hassling them for a cashout if the lights are on but no one's home...

Ya, I believe Stanley Leisure : Acropolis is extremely well funded backed by an actual land based casino group.. They shouldn't be a problem.
Problems again

I requested a cashout on the 8th of Aug. Later I received an email from the casino, there was a bonus and I did not meet the wagering requirements, so they put back the money to my account. I continued the playing and lost everything. Then I made $1000 deposit. I did not receive any bonus. I played and won and requested $2709 withdrawal. I wrote an email to the support:

"I played more and requested other withdrawal, I hope it will be OK.

Soon I received a reply:

"Please be advised that you have met the wagering."

Later I received other email and they declined my withdrawal request and put the amount back to my account:

"You had recently requested a cash-out on the total amount of $2,709.00
after participating in a promotion and receiving a Bonus.
Please note that you did not comply to our promotion bonus policy,
either not wagering at least the minimum required in total bets or wagering
the bonus on certain bet types in Baccarat, Roulette or Craps. We have
therefore credited your cashin back to your casino account."

It is nonsense, totally opposite emails. I replied to the support, sent more email, but nobody replied to me. Online chat is not available.
When I requested the withdrawal there wasn't any bonus in my account, so there are no wagering requirements, so I have the right to request withdrawal any time.

What kind of casino is this? What kind of support is this?
Please also refer to the other thread about Acropolis that I started (although I'm sure most have seen it, that are wondering about this casino). I originally posted this in Ask the Casinomeister forum, and was moved... which i can understand now... but, Casinomeister, if you see this, can you shed any light on Acropolis or has any type of investigation started? I can see now that I am not the only one with wondering and confusion as to the sudden stop in communication, lack of online chat, no responses to emails, etc. from WHOEVER is now the operator of Acropolis. Any confirmed information is much appreciated
Cynthia, this was a pointless bump of an old thread when there is already another, current thread on exactly the same issue. Now you've split the discussion in two and the information risks getting fragmented. This hinders everyone, including you.

Can we please keep the Acropolis discussion in the most recent thread?

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