ATTN: Casino Rep ACR Winning Poker Network Live Blackjack CHEATS


Mar 27, 2021
Hong Kong
Hello Everybody
I would like to share with the public proof that a live game namely "Blackjack Early Payout" offered by Winning Poker Network cheats. For those who aren't familiar with the game this game is a multiplayer BJ game where the game follows best strategy and player has no say in draw/stand (player can only decide on whether to surrender or take an early discounted winning).

Attached you will see two pictures, one is a hand history of the game and the other a screenshot clearly showing what were actually dealt. Both of these are actually provided by their support person by the name of Taylor, who is helpful but lacks the cerebral functions to analyze.

You will see that dealer has an upcard 8 and in player's first hand we had 10+3. A third card was drawn and it was 7, putting player's total to a hard 20. (See screenshot)

However, that third 7 was conveniently NOT registered by the system. According to their system records, player stood at hard 13 and never drew and thus lost to dealers eventual 8+9 (17). I want to point out that this is simply impossible for the game as per rules, player with hard 13 must draw against dealer's 8. Obviously something is wrong. But nobody can help me.

I have been playing their Blackjack for over a month now bets ranging from $5 x 3 to $100 x 3 and I assure you this is NOT the only time I spot this error. Just that the games go so fast its hard for the player to track and when you request for hand history, it is ALWAYS IGNORED.

I have been exchanging no less than 5 emails with their support. It usually takes them 4-5 days to reply and they are simply too stupid to identify the problem. (To a point where I feel they are simply intentionally messing with you.)

So punters beware LIVE BLACKJACK offered by ACR, Winning Poker Network is a RIP OFF.

Thank you.


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