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I decided,(against my better judgement) to try aces high casino, as they are the sister of river belle, I went through the nightmare of collecting with procyber and thought If I were lucky enough to actually win anything again, I would be saved from going through all that again....well ...I signed up and went to buy my credits so I could take advantage of the match bonus...when I typed in other amount...$25.00 and went back to the casino, only $20.00 registered, don't know why''''so I went back and bought $20.00 more. I thought that should qualify for the bonus, I wrote the casino informing them what had happened, they denied the bonus saying the rules are the rules and cannot be changed.evidently the bonus only applies to the first time buy in and the second buy would not do it for them...I had several back and forth e-mails, was like they are a bunch of robots''''every time it was the same message, 'very polite' saying sorry for your frustration....finally I was sooooo frustrated, I wrote saying, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE, ARE YOU CRAZY'''' the next message was the same '''polite crap''' with the exception, we are not crazy'''so I guess there is a human there somewhere...unfortunatly, I will delete their casino, If they can't figure out how humans can make a mistake as small as this one, what about dealing with them when something really important happens. that is my sad story, hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving''''love merri
just to let you all know....they did come through with $25.00 not the $40.00 that I had put in, but I am greatful for something''''thank you to jpm for the address he gave me. I never heard from the casino, but I checked back and the $25.00 was that must of did the trick''''' :happyf:
Great merri, glad to hear it! I wouldn't be surprised if you do hear back in a day or so and get the rest of the $$ and then some.
here I go again....bought into their special, buy $25.00 get $$25.00 free. well, I haven't recieved the bonus $25.00, they say it was credited, but it wasn't''''guess I deserve it as I should have learned the first time around. I am deleting aces high this time for good'''''happy new year everyone and may we all have good luck in 2003'''' :notworthy:
Sounds like some backend inefficiency rather than dishonesty, Merri. Have you tried escalating this to the supervisor or casino management?

Don't give up on it just yet!
yes, I e-mailed the manager. He said that their records show that the bonus was credited. I have asked them if they can show that I played with the money. I don't expect any satisfaction however. they are all like robot's.....maybe they really are ROBOT'S and ENGLAND HAS BEEN INVADED BY GAMBLING ALIEN'S'''''''' :eek:
I'll see if I can help with an alternative route if you have failed to make headway with the management. It must be frustrating to merely receive an assurance that the bonus has been credited but be given no evidence that this is the case.

I won't ask for any details of your account just yet - let me see if I can in fact assist as a start.
Log onto the casino and click on Playcheck. Click on past 7 days then click on All games... scroll down (each page has 100 items) and you will see when and if they added the bonus. The bonus shows up in Playcheck when its added.
Thank you both for taking time to help me out'''
they sent me a number to check out on the playcheck, (I have'nt checked) it yet, but I am sure it is there, however it did not show up on my screen. I think it might be a computer glitch or something.I have asked them to see if I played the money yet but keep getting the same answer, that it was posted. am I the only one with this problem??? they really don't have much to worry about, if this $25.00 goes back to them as fast as the first did''''''''''
concerning the 'check to see if I played with the money' that I never got''''yes ofcourse their records do show that the 'fictional' money was played'''''''can't win''''in any way at this casino''''''I would NOT recommend them EVER... there are just too many other reputable places to play at''' blessings, merri :kiss:
Merri, are you saying that you checked Playcheck/Cashcheck records and that these show you received and used the bonus, but that this is not correct?

Or that it does not show up on your computer screen and you only have the assurance of a CSR that it was credited and used?
I must have been sleeping when this thread was initiated...

Looks like jetset has a handle on this one though :)
I couldn't log on to playcheck, said my password was wrong. the bottom line is, they say the bonus showed up and that I played it...that is not true, so it's my word against their's. I am just deleting them. all the trouble trying to get a measly $25.00 is just not worth it. even if I got the bonus now, I still would play it off and delete them as I have no confidence that they are honest'''I would like to know if I am the only one that this happens to. It is good that we have a place like this forum to post and warn people about our experiences, and to get help from you. THANK YOU ALL.....MERRI :kiss:
Call Support. You need to check your play and cash records and see if there is anything in there that explains their claim that you have received and played the bonus. You can also call for logs, but that's the long rouite and accessing your play online will just be quicker and easier.
Hi Jet, I know this is an old post, but I think I had the same deal at this casino. If i'm not mistaken (& if I am forgive me & correct me) Anyway, the casino I went to gave a $25 bonus if you deposit $25. Well only $25 showed up and I never saw the $25 bonus. I then called them to find out the deal & they said if I had read all the info that it explains that they CHARGE you $25 to download the software (which ends up being your bonus) Boy was I ever pissed! Thats when I was a bonus monger, brand new to the casinos. There were so many with great bonus' that I thought, why stick with one when I can get free money for checking out new ones. I am learning that that seems to be bonus abuse, but I guess if it were...I was guilty. I think I have hit them all by now : )
Nevertheless it is interesting because it is just so unusual and reeks of dishonesty. Does anyone else know if this is still going on at that site? I would like to publicise this.
Well, I checked the site & the download is free, so it may not have been this casino...I know it had "aces" in the name but I wish I could be more specific.
It was Aces High, I remember this happening a few months ago or longer. I couldn't believe they were for real when I saw on their website that you had to buy a suite of games from them after you downloaded the core s/w. It seemed insane to me since you could play the same games for free at any other MG casino. I'm not sure if it was an experiment or what, but since I was already a member, I had the full suite for free already. I haven't seen anything about it on their site for months, so I think it was just some kind of fleeting bizarro marketing idea.
JPM what was really bad is that I remember for $25 I could only DL ONE game! I picked reel thunder and was not able to play anything else at that site...that was NUTS! Thank you for validating that it WAS in fact that casino because I felt bad ragging on them without being sure.

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