Ace-games voided my $750 winnings


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May 9, 2004
I started to play at ace-games one month ago. At the beginning everything went well. I lost a couple of times but won twice too which were processed quickly. But...On June 23rd I made my last deposit of $100 up to $950 and requested the withdrawal. One week later I was shocked to find that I only got $200 in my neteller account although it was shown at cashier the whole $950 withdrawal was approved . They told me there is some rules I didn't follow(I shouldn't play blackjack in certain sessions) so they removed all the bonus I redeemed before from my last withdrawal.

1) They agree before I made the last deposit my balance was Zero and I didn't claim any bonus. i.e. my winning is legitimate.
2) I did play blackjack after I redeemed the bonus in my previous sessions. In their rules "All following games are excluded from play-through requirements" but it doesn't say it cannot be played. You can interpret the rules in diffrent ways but the fact is that I lost all my money in those two sessions and they didn't say anything back then(June 13th and 19th to be exactly).
3) They told me I was "labeled as wise player" and they "decided to remove the bonus I redeemed before". What upset me more is that he even said "my account would be negative if not for the $950 balance." Can you imagine this, how come anyone can lose more than he/she has and ends up negative balance?
4) I was told "Unlike other casinos we are not banning you. You can still claim the bonus and continue to play". Imagine that, what if I lose? What if I win?

Anyway I called them a couple times and they showed no interest to pay. Just share the story with you guys and hopefully it won't happen to others.
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Never heard of ace-games, what software do they use?
From their 'About Us' page: is the mother casino for all casinos that have the Ace-Games logo
At this time ace-games have two sister sites and, please note that all bonuses and promotions may differ from each other in diferent casinos. is a new generation casino created with old generation principles. Our headquarters are located in Heredia, Costa Rica , the Mecca of by-the-book online gambling, and gaming in general. Day by day the government enforces legality policies, to keep the country a safe and reliable gambling paradise, as well as a source for reliable gaming. This is where Ace-games is, under close control of the government. As a contributor to the local internal revenue service Ace-games keeps all of its taxes and dues up to date, and reminds all of its customers of their responsibility to report their makings as well as we do.

Ace-games is backed by a giant in the industry: IDS (Internet Data Solutions), only the largest hosting company in all of Latin America , with millions of dollars invested in networking and servers. Doesn't sound bad at all if you are trying to get in on busy hours!!

We at Ace-games have a different approach to this whole industry, a bit more relaxed, yet professional, more transparent, yet secure, the course of the gaming industry will take a big turn, towards transparency, a new generation trend, with the old generation professionalism and honesty, when a hand shake was all that mattered.

At Ace-games we stand by our bonuses, we stand by our promotions, we stand by our customers, and we stand by our legally licensed and fully insured software, RTG (Real Time Gaming), where you will be able to play the most prominent casino games including Baccarat, Caribbean Stud, Video Poker, Roulette, Slots and more.

All accounts are 100% insured and all games are independently tested by Safebet for accuracy and fairness.

Come into Ace-games, log on to the fun with Ace-games.
sirius said:
From their 'About Us' is a new generation casino created with old generation principles. Our headquarters are located in Heredia, Costa Rica , the Mecca of by-the-book online gambling, and gaming in general.

:lolup: :lolup: :lolup: :lolup: :lolup: :lolup:

That's the funniest thing I've read in a LONG time!
After playing with a bonus however many times and winning or losing, the player then puts his own money in and plays without a bonus.

Not quite a bonus abuser says the casino but instead a wise guy?

Players returning to risktheir own funds after a bonus is exactly the point of the bonus.

What part of this thread do I have wrong?
I've heard very bad things about this place - the manager gives me the impression of an 18 year old dope-smoking hippie. I don't believe they could muster $100 between them, so any claims here I pessimistically predict are ultimately destined for RTG complaints.
Ace Games

Ive never had a problem with Ace Games before. Di you actually email Chuck the casino manager and speak with him about this problem, he is a very resonable man and im sure he can work this out for you.

Ace Games

Come over to Gamtrak Forum and post in the casino complaints area, post under the thread "sponsers enquiries" Chuck is bound to see it and he will respond.

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