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Jun 30, 1998
I've been accused of deleting posts concerning complaints about Crown Vegas casino. If anyone has a copy of a post that has recently been posted (within the last three months) that they believe I have deleted, please post the copy here.

Thank you.

Well, I've made two announcements today; one this morning, another this afternoon asking anyone to please post the complaints that were "deleted" from this forum. Out of 1377 users, 598 of these people have their email notification "on". If anyone has a copy of these complaints, one of these people would have them.

Well, I'm waiting. Anyone care to post?

In case anyone here is unaware, Rainfall accused me at WOL the following:
Bryan is no angel either. He deletes threads in the complaints forum if they speak bad about his sponsors. I read his forum at night and when i wake up the next morning they are nuked.. 2 in the past week, several over the past month.

So where are the two, and could someone else post the "several" complaints that pertain to any of the casinos that are listed here?

C'mon, don't be shy!

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