accredited casino: verification process slow down?


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As I wrote in a former message I quit playing Live Dealer Roulette at one casino, so I deposited at another site after reading the list of accredited casino by CasinoMeister. BTW, great site!

I just made a deposit of a small amount on Jan. 5th to feel the site ($200) and fortunately(?) the Live Dealer here shows not that kind of anomalies I descriped in a former message. So I ran and am running quite well (as for now +650%)

However a new issue arises. Maybe I am to early with my judgement, but I am curious about your opinions???

A summary follows below:

7-1-2011: 19.29-19.35 CET
I initiated a chat session and requested an ID and adress validation/verification so I could withdraw. Site operator A answers; I’ll have to mail scanned ID, utility bill and photo ID

7-1-2011: 19.45 CET
I mailed color scanned passport, drivers license (back en front) and utility bill

7-1-2011: 21.24 CET
I received a mail from support (site operator A):
- passport and utility bill are approved
- request for photo ID

8-1-2011: 14.35 CET
I mailed a set of 3 digital photographs for the photo ID

8-1-2011: 21.37 CET
I received a mail from support (site operator A):
- sent digital photographs disapproved; data on passport are not clear enough

8-1-2011: 23.42 CET
I mailed the question: “How about a video” (for photo ID)

9-1-2011: 02.14 CET
I received a mail from support (site operator B):
- possibility of making a digital photograph of the document with camera after placing the document on a table

9-1-2011: 11.25 CET
I mailed 2 new digital photographs of higher quality/resolution

No reaction except an confirmation of receipt of my mail

10-1-2011: 17.30-17.51 CET
I initiated a chat session for an update on the ID verification
- I ask whether the provided docs are ok
- At first site operator C requested a clear picture with me holding my ID.
- I answered that I don’t understand, that in my opinion the last 2 digital photographs are very clear.
- Site operator C responded that the docs sent the 2nd time are clear and they’ve been forwarded to the risk department for verification
- I asked how long the verification process will take
- Site operator C answers 24-48 hrs

No reaction

12-1-2011: 13.24-13.29 CET
I initiated a chat session for an update on the ID verification
- Site operator A states that ID verification is under review by the security department
- This process will take another 12-24 hours
- I ask whether within these 24 hours the verification process will be finished at least or that there’ll be a review by another department and whether I can make a withdrawal request
- Site operator A states ‘No’ to the withdrawal request, until the verification process has been finished
- Site operator A states that within 24 hours the verification process will be finished
- Site operator A quickly adds “unless we need some more documents”

Am I too sceptical/cynical when I do really doubt that tomorrow the verification process will be finished and that withdrawing will be successful at the end of this year, if at all? Sorry for my bad english.

Rick Deckard

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Does seem a bit OTT regarding the photo validation. Normally your passport or drivers licence photo is all that is needed, unless your flagged up on Americas 10 most wanted list. You could try contacting the casino rep here to speed up the delay. Whatever you do don't play again until you get your withdrawal eventually processed. What casino was this by the way?


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Is Betway casino? Because I sent to this casino a photo with me keeping my ID in my hand..for my verification.
Verification was a little slow..but after that payments was made really fast..24-48 hours:)


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It's OTT because a passport IS a "photo ID", yet they are saying this is still required.

As to why this is "unclear", this is rather vague as to what they mean. It is often taken as meaning "too low a resolution", but often seems to be a stalling tactic, because players spend days trying different resolutions, ways of production etc, and THEN the "bombshell" is dropped that really this WAS just a stalling tactic, and then a request for additional documents comes along.

With photo ID and utility bill, both clear and legible, there should be NO further requirements other than ownership of funds, such as back & front of cards, deposit method statements, etc.

The "photo of you holding the ID" should really be the last proof needed, and we have been TOLD this is an exceptional requirement, but it seems that this has increasingly become a ROUTINE requirement.

Whilst operators continue to tell us this is an EXCEPTIONAL requirement, yet use it on a more "routine" basis, even if not for ALL players, it is going to LOOK like they are "scamming" in some way those players who are NOT by any means "exceptional" in their circumstances, yet find they are put on these "exceptional" measures after WINNING.

This should be given another week before taking further action. They have somewhat backed themselves into a corner by repeatedly saying "24-48 hours", and they have now asked for pretty much EVERY "standard" document, and they have agreed that they are "clear".


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First of all, thanks for your quick replies:thumbsup:

@ Rick Deckard
I can't imagine that I'm in the top10 America's most wanted:).

For strategically reasons at this stage I'm not feeling quite well to reveal the name of the casino. I hope you'll understand. Maybe I'm wrong in my judgement. If there is an opportunity for PM, I'll message you and others who might be interested. According to the Casinomeister-site it's accredited and states also a good practice, esp. for the Live Dealer which is Ecogra certified (and I found out that there aren't many Live Dealers rooms, which have this certificate).

But keep an eye on this thread, although I'm a very reasonable person, if I get a feeling of being cheated, I'll post the name of this Casino for sure to warn other members of this forum.

Thanks for your tip to not play again untill the verification/ withdrawal is processed. To be honest, I might be a small player, but I'm a gambler as well. I was already thinking of cashing at Jan. 7th, because my winnings already were 350%, that's quite nice and that's why I initiated the chat session, in which site operator A also stated that at this time there was no need for account verification/validation.

In general in my opinion Casino sites should verify and validate accounts on ethical grounds before one deposits. I understand that businesswise and commercially this is a costly procedure, but that would prevent a lot of hassle after one wins and could contribute to a more fair and ethical image of the industry.

At last thanks for your tip contacting the Rep. at this site. I will, if the verification/withdrawal process does'nt speed up. But according to the rules, I think I should first contact the management of the Casino???

@ leonardo
No, it isn't the Casino you mentioned

@ vinylweatherman
In addition to the former and regarding your reply: for me this was the first time I had to mail a picture of me holding my ID. At first, I googled this way of identification to find out whether this is a common practice (or not).

In my opinion color scanned passport/drivers license and utilty bill should suffice. At all (poker)sites I play, it is. Besides if you deposit from ewallets like Neteller, Moneybookers etc. and you have an extended account, these companies also have verified/validate your ID/adress. And they can also call you.

But ok, it frustrates me that if you send a 2nd set of clear (high resolution) pictures, the site operator tries to cheat you by asking another set. And if you disagree, the 2nd set is all of a sudden good enough and have been forwarded to the risk department.

I'm also not amused by this site by not getting informed about the status of the process, when it seems that there is nothing to disapprove.

And now the verification process is under review by another, so called security department. And it should be finished in 12-24hrs with the addition "unless we need some more documents". Wtf, what do they want more???


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In general in my opinion Casino sites should verify and validate accounts on ethical grounds before one deposits. I understand that businesswise and commercially this is a costly procedure, but that would prevent a lot of hassle after one wins and could contribute to a more fair and ethical image of the industry.
100% Agree
If you read my thread you will see that exist some casinos who act like this..

If the casino where you played is an accredited casino on Casinomeister list try to contact the casino rep. You can find accredited casino list here:


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In my experience it is usually best to wait at least for 24 hours before posting a complaint. After all,we don't even know if they will keep their word or not as you haven't given them time.

Rest assured any issues will be sorted out quickly given it is an Accredited casino.

I also think it's ridiculous needing any more than a passport and utility bill. What next? A blood sample?


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Leave this till Monday, and then we will KNOW this is "stalling", as this would be yet ANOTHER broken "24-48 hour" promise.

If they have the eCogra seal, you have the option of complaining to them. Their rules ask you to give the casino 14 days to resolve the matter internally. Start the clock from the FIRST broken promise of "24-48 hours" being up, as this is where they stopped dealing with this as "routine", and put you under "special scrutiny".

At the end of next week, infom the casino that you have checked the eCogra procedures, and are giving them the required 14 days to resolve the issue internally.

Worked for me at Prime, got paid the following Monday:D


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Thanks again, vinylweatherman:thumbsup:

Why do I have to leave this till monday? The site operator stated today at 13.24-13.29 CET that within 12-24hrs the verification process shoud be finished "unless they will need more documents". So I intended to have a chat after 13.30 CET tomorrow, but maybe I'm wrong?

Concerning the possibility of 'stalling' by this Casino, I think if so, they started from Jan. 9th, say 19.30 CET (11.25 CET + 8hrs) considering the average response time till then and the response of the site operator after trying to cheat me (Jan. 10th); all of a sudden the quality of the sent digital photographs were good. Suppose I didn't initiate the chatsession, I'd still be waiting for an answer.....

At least your experience with eCogra certified casino gives me hope that finally this matter should be solved on the long run. But for now I'm still in the verification process and haven't entered the withdrawal process yet and feeling not quite well about this being processed quickly either. So when they are stalling, following your timetable, this leads to a worst case scenario:

Jan. 24th: ID verified
Jan. 24th: start withdrawal process
Jan. 31th: start of the 14 days period [eCogra] to solve internally
Feb. 14th: end of this 14 days period [and Valentine:)]

Pffff. Ok, in the meantime I'll do some research and start playing elsewhere.