Accredited Bingo Sites?

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Dec 20, 2005
Washington State
I just found the list of accredited bingo sites, but there are't very many. So any of you experienced players may be able to help me out! I'm ready to make the jump, I just don't know what site to go with. I don't want to make a silly mistake resulting in just another loss! (Sigh!) I, too, enjoyed my trial experience at Bingo Drome. But I am also curious of experiences of others at places like Cyberbingo and BingoCabin. I know of partybingo, but usually when i go there I lose my "bankroll" on the slots instead of bingo!!! :eek2: So... I'd like to try some new sites. When I tested cyberbingo at least the CM was in the United States. There was another site that gave away BS prizes like deep fryers and toasters.... OK... if I wanted one of those, shouldn't I skip the bingo and just go buy one???? Thanks, but no thanks!

Anyway, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Please let me know if I am missing something, as I am new to this site, these forums, etc.

PS CASINOMEISTER you ROCK!!! :notworthy Thanks for all this info. If only I had known you were here months ago...... :thumbsup:
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Finding accredited bingo sites is a difficult proposition. For the most part, they aren't structured like online casinos, sportsbooks or poker rooms that are accredited by organizations like eCOGRA or reviewed by companies like PriceWaterhouseCoopers or offer abritration services through companies like IBAS. The best you can do for finding a bingo site you can trust is look for sites that have easy methods for contacting their customer service and for sites that are associated with land-based operations. That way you at least know where to find them if there is a problem.

You can find a list of top bingo sites by checking out the site in my signature. Some of the better ones are:

Party Bingo (which you mentioned)
Tiki Bingo and Kiwi Bingo (both have land-based operations in Australia)
Cyber Bingo (you also mentioned)
Vics Bingo
Ruby Bingo

Good luck in your search.
The picks you have said are very good

The picks you have said are very good
Party Bingo is my #1 pick of bingo's
Tiki Bingo and Kiwi Bingo (I heard things about this one and I don't back stab any of them)
Cyber Bingo (SoSo)
Vics Bingo (never played)
Ruby Bingo # 2 pick of Bingo's
One Bingo that is growing is that of it's still a nice place to play and I heard in the new year they are going big time.
They all take your money in the long run but if you have the right bingo cards you Win.
There are no accredited bingo sites. I make very sure the ones I list have a decent reputation and I am able to access them to mediate.

I don't list Cyber Bingo - for lack of info and reports really. So far I am erring in favor of safety. Could be Cyber Bingo is perfectly fine and I just am not familiar enough with it.

There are new bingo sites sprouting up like weeds. Takes time to scout them all out.
I just found out that BillyBingo is owned by sportingbet, of fame among affiliates for defrauding them in the worst possible way.

BillyBingo is not to be trusted because the parent company has shown a complete disdain and disrespect for written contracts.

They may think they are god and can screw people with impunity, but I say - not on my watch!

I would stay away from "Saturn bingo" see if you cashin often sooner or later they find a way to f##K ya. Seems once you have wagered your deposit enough won and cashin then just play the bonus you have qulified for, they can say thats bonus abuse and void the 1k cashin you have even tho you have deposited $150, and so after all that slot spinning your depoist was a waste (as they did not offer it back) and the 1k was funny $$$..

Bingo knighs is another joke had it out with them once did get some of my winnings but not all, of course this was after going public about what they did to
I find Zodiacbingo reliable. Have been playing there on and off for a year or so and never had any problems cashing out my winnings. Even though they take all your bonusbucks when you withdraw (most sites do that), the money normally hit your netelleraccount in hours. I waited a bit longer when i won a biggie (yes, they are winable :D ), but there were no hazzle of any kind.

I think this site is run by the same persons who run Zany Bingo and Bingo Fun (havent tried them, though).
dominique said:
I just found out that BillyBingo is owned by sportingbet, of fame among affiliates for defrauding them in the worst possible way.

BillyBingo is not to be trusted because the parent company has shown a complete disdain and disrespect for written contracts.

They may think they are god and can screw people with impunity, but I say - not on my watch!

When you say "defrauding",you mean they didnt cough up?
I've played in Party Bingo before, a couple years back. I like their card options (daubers, autoplay and such). The only problems I've had with them is their slots section freezes up and sometimes there's problems with logging on. I've deposited but never withdrawn.

Probably the best setup I've seen as far as bingo goes, but I don't know about withdrawals.

BingoT said:
The picks you have said are very good
Party Bingo is my #1 pick of bingo's
Hi Jess

Hi Jess I have cashed out ok from Party and I never ran into trouble with them and a lot of my friends have cashed out some very good money and they got paid in a reasonable time.
You do have many funky bingo's out in web land but I was told that Ruby one is a cool one too.
And the one thing I like if you like the bonus offers about PartyBingo is that 500 free cards and I have won on that.and I say if you win on them free one's your ahead of the game.
you have to just read all the rules first and most have the same but you do have a few that slip a sneak in. I say stay with one that has been around for some time and you won't run into some dirty bingo pallor bull dong
And I know I do promote them but if I knew if they were shady I would never give them a try.

:) Have A Great Day Jess:)

I play at from time to time

I play at from time to time. Years ago it was a Free site and they changed it to Real or Free and they have done a great job with a site upgrade.
I just started playing at BingoSuite

I just started playing at BingoSuite bingo and I find that you don't make a killing or you don't lose that much.It's a nice site.
At this time I give it a :thumbsup:
I looked into this BingoSuite and I find it's a cool Bingo
They give you $10.00 Free to start.

Come give this cool Bingo Place a try
Good Luck
This is a Press Release Takes One Member From the Drive-In to the Jackpot Twice in a Week

Online Bingo room BingoSuite has made someone a little more wealthy this week when she cashed in two jackpots online in the new Drive-In room. The themes change regularly online and Carla S. seems to have found the right place to play bingo.

(PRWEB) March 4, 2006 -- Playing bingo online at BingoSuite can be a fun time for most people to chat and watch the cards fill up with their lucky numbers. One new member, Carla S. from Oregon has found her little niche online with the new theme rooms.

Observing the way the games were played she noticed that the more attractive rooms, such as the Candy Room seem to find players purchasing more cards than normal. To satisfy their sweet tooth in this room the players pick a candy to feed the bingo caller (Spanky). When bingo is hit the line of candy it is on is the winner and all players who choose this candy will win Bingo Bucks.

Sure man, there are some press releases out there I do from time to
time and I will start making one every week to use. When I do I'll CC
you in on all of them. The players get a great bonus from us. 150% on
their first deposit, 200% on the second and then 250% on their third
deposit. This boosts our retention through the ceiling as players will
stick around for at all three. Also we are no download opening us up
to MAC users as well!

What she attributed to the success was picking the themes in which players seemed to buy less cards and the game was slower due to the odds. Loading up during those times she has struck the $1000 Mega Pot not once but twice in the past three days! This is something we are glad she has shared and after being talked about for days claims to have found the next sweet spot. When asked if she would part with the information Carla S. quickly replied, maybe after a couple more wins.

Whatever the case, the new theme rooms are making players very excited to be online playing bingo this month. In anticipation of the nice weather BingoSuitehas put out a new flower room for all spring enthusiasts. Dont be surprised to see Carla S. coming up roses again as she and the rest of the members find their niche and theme on the way to the jackpot!

It's Worth it
We have been working closely with Zany Bingo, Zodiac Bingo, Bingo Fun and Ruby Bingo for quite some time and have never had any complaints. I myself play at Zany Bingo sometimes and never had any cashout problems.

We also work closely with Playtime Bingo and RV Bingo. Also, absolutely no complaints from players. I also play at Playtime Bingo and won a jackpot there. What a thrill! Anyway, cashouts are no problem at all.

CMs at all the sites are very friendly and helpful.
This is from Cyalater8 has a good point

Thanks to Cyalater8 for this post and something I like to share with everyone. Thanks Cyalater8 I hope you don't mind me passing this on.

When all is said and done the main issure with Zany Bingo is its use of House Players to give the house (Zany) an advantage over the player. We view this as fraudulent activity and will continue to lead this Boycott against Zany, in all ways available to us! This practice needs to stop.

Our newest effort is informing the companies that give our funds to them. Places like Neteller have terms:

11. NETELLER, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to restrict or terminate an account for any one of the events listed below:
- Receipt of potentially fraudulent funds
- The account has been used in or to facilitate fraudulent activity

Neteller is a big part of the online gaming industry, they may not even reply to us; But that does not matter! What matters is our email to them and others is now part of the online record and they have been notified of Zanys activities.

BPU has started a new Player Cashiers Cage forum, that contains information about the various companies that you deposit through to fund your Bingo Accounts. You will find contact info there, you can complain to them directly, when you determine your Bingo site is ripping you off. You may file a complaint with them and maybe never hear a word back, But if they keep getting the same complaint from different people, they will take notice. Since the Player Cage is new, we will be adding information as we go. If the site you deposit through is not listed yet, check back!

The staff of BPU feels this boycott of Zany bingo is the right path to be on. Just how much longer do these sites think players are just going to complain in the Forums? With BPU behind them, players now have taken action against a site that is stacking the odds in their favor. If you support this movement, we would love to hear it! We are working for you!
I disagree.

I have heard of these claims of house players by for almost every bingo site. However in actually dealing with players from Zany Bingo for several years, I have yet to hear of complaints. Why Zany Bingo has been singled out here, I have no idea.
I work with all the Bingoland sites and have had good experiences with most of them, both as an affiliate and as a player.

Mapau, Ruby, You, Tiki, Kiwi, Only and Miss are good sites. Bingoland has good withdrawal rules (no wagering requirement on BBs) and strict network rules.

The others are smaller and I have heard some horror stories about withdrawals from other forum owners
I have heard too much bad about Zany and won't carry them.

I like Bingo Hall best, nice jackpots, frequent huge winners and a steady, nice community.

Also the leapfrog ones are very popular, like BingoLiner.
Best Bingo sites

Cyber Bingo and Bingo Sky are the best. They pay out within a day or so, depending on how you deposit.. Their jackpots are big and they give you a good choice of rooms. They don't have big deposit bonuses, only sometimes by invitation, but I think thats best as the playthrough on big deposit bonuses is up to 12 times at other sites.
I do have to say the Bingo places I love

I do have to say the Bingo places I love are.
Bingo Hall
Party Bingo if they only took us back lol
And just a few more on my list
------------------- has to be my #1 place I go to.
When I first started playing for Fun this is where you will find me each morning.
You can flirt all you want as you
This is one Bingo I will always give my :thumbsup: too. I have been playing at for years. They started out with just a Free Game site and now You can play for real cash.
Every Fundraiser I do here in Ct I will call them up & they will send me stuff to help out in the event that I do. It's a Great Bingo & Great People at It's a place you can trust 100%
And please don't think i'm just saying this because I promote them.
I only deal with the best & one's you can trust.
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