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Aug 23, 2005
I got my account locked at Royal Vegas Poker only a few hours after registering. I only played a couple of SNGs and a little 0.25/0.50 ring.
I thought it was just a technical error and emailed support to have them fix the problem. I received this answer:

Thank you for your e-mail.
Unfortunately your Poker Account with Royal Vegas
Poker has been locked by our Player Security Company due to the breach in our terms and conditions.

The reason for the account being locked is that you are sharing information with other players.

Unfortunately your account will remain locked.

Due to these terms unfortunately we cannot give
you further details.

Kind Regards,

xxx (name of support consultant)

Poker Support Center

I have never cheated or done anything unfair at the poker tables. I am twisting my head to find out what it is I could have done. I find it very strange, almost a bit "Kafkaish", that they can ban me and not tell me what it is I am accused for. Anyone had a similar experience?
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frodem: Webzcas is absolutely right. If you mail me your details at I can let you know exactly why your account was locked.

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