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Apr 5, 2005
utrecht, netherlands
hi there,
First post here, i registered today for the forum and after a few hours got my first problem. :(

whats going on...
I am a player @ connect to casino and even deposit without takin any bonus. i only have one account and 2 days ago i sent in my fax and id papers etc.
Anyway i was on a party and the dude who gave the party showed me his computer, i spotted the connect to casino shortcut (you know gamblers) so he showed me his winnings. So i logged in on his computer under my name and showed him my balance.
Today suddenly i can't play anymore and after contacting live-help they claim i have multiple accounts.. which is not true but the software picked up the multiple login i quess.

The guy from live-help said the following:
Andres: unfortunately there are only two options in this case
Andres: you may keep one active account and request all others to be closed
Andres: or have your deposit returned from your last zero out in maaster1 and maintain all accounts closed


They didn't answered my email concerning me asking why i was banned, is there a rule or disclaimer that they can block my account this way?

i will update this thread as i hear new things from connect-to-casino.

Contacted live-help and they say that if they wanted to reopen the account i had to email in which i state that i agree to the rules and conditions..
so lets hope... :)

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