account blocked at nogabet


Dormant account
I have opened an account on nogabet about one month ago, I have made a dépot and I have won about 8500 euro winnings, I having fulfiled all conditions of the bonus.

Ii having wanted to make a 2300-euro collection and there without any explanation my account was blocked.

I having sent the dozens of mails, they said that had followed all this by direction and finally last Thursday they answer me that direction acknowledged that it was an error and that my account would be released in 48 h and my re-credited money but for this day I have absolutly no news...

Can you help me ?

ps sorry for my english writting...


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This group had an ABSURD rule of max bet 2% of amount deposited, so if the player used a bonus and won this much im pretty sure he broke that rule ;( unless he had any bonus involved. That has now changed when they changed to rival software though.

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