Bitch and Moan Accidental max bet at VS


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Nov 7, 2012
Let me start this by saying that I understand VS is under no obligation to do anything about my mistake, which is why the prefix is bitch and moan. I need to vent a bit.

That being said. I've been a member of CM how long now? Very long. Same goes for Videoslots. Not some random guy who shows up out of nowhere to try to scam the casino.

I'm a low roller, so I'm sure a loss of a player like me to VS is nothing but a mere drop in the ocean. Yet at the same time reverting my accidental max bets would too be nothing but a drop in the ocean to them. My membership here, and at VS, and my betting patterns at VS should all indicate what kind of player I am and what I am not is someone who "accidentally" max bets and then wants a refund to try to abuse the casino. In all of my years at VS I doubt I've ever crossed 2eur bet and 1-2eur bets on VS would likely be maximum of 5% of my total bets.

I honestly expected VS to do something. Offer a partial refund, some petty free spins on shiteburst or whatever. But no, nothing. Can't do anything about it. It's my fault apparently.

So the scenario is I do a tiny deposit and I play Great Blue. Manage a bonus and get a nice win to keep me going, lowrolling ofc at minimum bets. I change game, keep minimum bet. I change game again, keep minimum bet. I then change to Archer, and the starting screen states your bet. I see the number 25, so it looks right. I start spinning and suddenly I'm nearly bust because the 25 was the coin value, not the bet. It's important to note that all the other Playtech games have the starting bet set at minimum yet for some reason on Archer it's set at 6.25? Should be obvious it was an honest mistake. Doesn't matter to VS apparently. They'd rather keep the low sum of 50-ish euros and lose me as a player.

Yeah not what I expected from VS. Yeah I know it's my responsibility to check my bets yet at the same time it's not unheard of for casinos to revert bets on accidental max bets and I've definitely read about such cases here at CM..well wherever those cases happened it definitely wasn't VS



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Apr 18, 2009
It's a sad experience and I do feel for you. So does also VS which is why they created the Max bet limit a few years back.
They were the first casino to introduce it and I love it. It has prevented me from doing the same thing many times.

Some casinos have been nice when these things have happened but they can't all be that. If you had won you wouldn't have offered to give a part back because of your mistake, so I think you need to try and see it from their perspective.
An expensive lesson and a check on the max bet limits you can set.

Edit: I maybe should add that I've done the same four times. Two of them I got a part of my loss back, one time I got nothing and the last I never asked.
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Aug 25, 2004
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Pretty sure we've all done that - I know I have! :oops:
I recall I accidentally did 2 x $75 spins at one casino once - fortunately they agreed it was a mistake & refunded me.

If it were just 1 or 2 spins, then you may have a case for expecting some leniency - but it sounds like you did a lot more than just a couple of spins.
Be honest, if you had hit a bet x100 or more win on those spins, would you have confessed it was a mistake and asked the casino to take your winnings back?



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Dec 18, 2014
During my Videoslots marathon I did accidentally 6 spins at AUD100 instead of AUD1, all were losing spins.

They were so kind to refund me the bets. So, they do good things too.

It is always tough to make a judgement call. And 6.25 does not sound like max bet and is not really high IMO to ask for a refund. Most gamblers try their luck with some medium sized bets once in a while.


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May 19, 2012
ya ive done it im pretty sure like most just one of those things, can i ask did you stop immediately when you realized and ask support,


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Mar 19, 2008
Years ago i did a 1k accidental bet on a slot at Mecca, even though i had been low rolling and the game span at 1k without warning
when I pressed max bet, the casino would not consider refunding it but to be honest, would I have complained if i had won on that spin,
who would ?
i suppose its a matter of how well they know the customer and his betting patterns but i think if
game is functioning properly, anyone who does get refunded is lucky


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Jan 8, 2014
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Did the same many years ago several times.

My fault and would never have asked for a refund. Was on the old cryptologic sites where if u were playing at 25p and went to banking and returned to slot after depositing it automatically went to max bet.

That used to MG staying same bet id just hit spin without thinking when game reopened. lol and after calling myself stupid i still did the same on a few more occasions.


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Apr 12, 2014
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I understand how you feel. But 6.25 is not really huge bet, I mean 6.25 is something people even low rollers can bet not that often, but sometimes.
You said you lost 50ish means you made a bet of 6.25 at least 10 times.
It's hard to see as a mistake for the casino's side of view.

By saying that, I totally understand your frustration.
I have made same mistake a few times in the past myself though I never asked any casino for refund.

Let's fingers crossed you will get your money back from very nice win sometime very soon.


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Aug 28, 2016
Thats why I put my limit there on 9 euro; also to prevent that I dont buy on Extra Chilli.

But I stopped playing there since I had a net loss of 1500 euro, without any form of bonus or compensation (and no, 5 spins on 10 cents on Fruittilt is not a bonus)


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Dec 12, 2017
well sry for you, had similar situation but few month ago I think it was geordiecolin who told me that you can set max bet I have it at 60p, so if you press higher bet it just restart slot, and you can ez change it


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Aug 28, 2018
I think we've all been there.
and I do understand your frustration ....
hope it will be cleard soon with a nice win :)


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Oct 16, 2018
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Done it myself at VS those tricky coin sizes can get you mixed up, I didn't win either but I didn't ask for the spin money back either its just a shitty way they open up they should all be set at minimum coins in my opinion. There are too many games on each site that do this IE when I open Bruce Lee its always at 90p stake and I have to swap at VS but when I use genisis its at 30p it like they don't want you to notice till it's too late. It does suck and it does hurt cos I know where your coming from a deposit of £10 wasted on a few miscalculated spins messes up your day and that £10 deposit could be your whole budget for the week or month.


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Aug 29, 2012
People saying 'Would you mention it if you won', I don't think the casino would pay even if had a winning spin or two, pretty sure that's the definition of irregular betting patterns


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Mar 18, 2012
Ahhh, that's one of the most annoying things in gambling! Happen to me a lot of times :D Usually when I play aside with doing something else lol and then game loses connection, I refresh it, pick autoplay and of then course forget that now it's set on much bigger starter bet!

In my opinion, all games should be made to ask you first to set up your bet before you can click Spin :p