Absolute's BJ Royal Match


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Mar 14, 2006

I was playing the BJ on absolute and decided to put $.10 on the bet circle and $1 on the Royal Match sidebet. I was lucky enough to get a Qd 3d for a payout of 3/2. I took a hit and busted and my Royal Match and wager were both taken! I couldnt understand what had happend.

I contacted VIP (I am a VIP here) livechat and spoke with a representative. He informed me that when you bust your hand you lose on the sidebet as well. First of all I have never heard of this at any casino anywhere, this is my first issue. Secondly it would be nice if this was stated somewhere on the table under the rules. He then showed me where they tell you this rule in the fine print on their website under the "how to play" section, again no where near the table.

Thank goodness it was only $1 or else I really would have really been mad. Just a warning to anyone else who would dare to give these crooks business.

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