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Mar 25, 2005
Well there i was playing holdem when the oddest thing happened, only other player left raises by going all in with his last few chips then the screen shows only fold or allin button ? The all in amount said 0 so stunned by the odd menu thinking how can i be called all in when i got 27 balance and he only bet 50 cents or so. I plat the hand the chips slide to me, obviously won then BLIP my account drops from almost 30.00 to 1.90 ( win of that hand ) The player report confirms the anomoly.
Amazing, this is the reply from CS.

< your account is because it has been temporarily disabled by our Security Department due to association to fraudulent accounts. >

Been waiting for an answer.

Absolute was supposed to be one of the best but after last night i really have my doubts.
No customer chat no 800 number, just emails.
Has this happned to anyone else here ? :what:
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Haven't run across this at all; but from what their reply is, it seems that the player in question you were playing that hand against may be under investigation for fraud..and you seem to be one of the unlucky ones that ran across him at the same table/hand. What gets me is if this is the case and he's the one in question, then why hasn't his account been locked beforehand? How would they know to take that $ back almost instantly?

Even so, I don't think it's right for them to deny you your money that was won fair and square just because someone else is trying to defraud them. :eek2:

Hopefully, if you haven't ran across him at the same table(s) before you shouldn't have a problem.


Were there any others in this hands' pot before this incident? If so it sounds like you'd be paying for what the others put in already along with your money + winnings.
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Thanks for the input, appreciate it !

Were there any others in this hands' pot before this incident?
They all folded, jus the 2 of us.
Everything was fine untill that hand, wish i had a screen shot of the last bets cause the report doesnt show the missing money as bet or account for it at all, makes me think i shoud record the game on video while im playing.

Untill i read your reply I thought they meant like i had a few accounts or something.
So that is very interesting. They can say that i didnt win because some other player who i have absolutely no knowledge about
is doing something.
Unreal !!
I thought i was only gambling on the hands, and wether the casino was fair.
Now i have to gamble on weather i am playing at a table with a fraudulent player.

Good grief !!

PS What about the lack of instant CS support, everyone else has chat or 800 #s.
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Actually it's a widespread problem across poker rooms....I've even read horror stories about high rollers getting their accounts locked/banned because some newbie in CS doesn't realize how fast the swings can be in high stakes NL hold'em; and they assume that someones chipdumping. I think most of those reports came from the prima network though.
Im really on a roll now...
Just played a few at Tirgergamming, only 10-20c table, but got wiped out. Down to last bit of change and snag a nice flush. Hit check, momnets go bu....FOLD. !! :eek:
Other guy wins 4.40 with pair aces, would've put me back in for a few hands.
I go to chat CS, get refund for 80.
Say time outs are another gamble altogether.


Whats chipdumping ?
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Its rather odd I found this post today. I have a svery similar problem with Absolute Poker. Night before last was last time I played. I was in a tourny 50/10c that was the only game I played that night and I won it. Last night I go to log on and after not being able to I contacted support and they told me to get ahold of security. "Your account has been suspended by our Fraud
and Security Control Department." I sent them an E-mail last night and have still no response from the security dept. I contacted support 2 more times and they said there is nothing they can do or help speed things up. I just have to wait for a response. Its rather fustrating knowing I did nothing wrong. I can understand them being thurough (makes everyone safe) But what really gets to me is that I was NEVER notified they locked my account. I still havent recieved a reply to my e-mail asking about the problem or explaining and I have MONEY in my account. Of course not to mention I cant play :( .......Well just wanted to let you know of my similar prob. Maybe they had a hacker in their system or something.
I can understand them being thurough (makes everyone safe)
Same here but taking way too long to keep me as a customer.

Thanks for your post Rankenem,
I think they really need live support if they are going to last with all the competition .
Its not good CS to leave people hanging like that but i'm starting to think they may have a real problem of some kind since its obviously not in there best interest to piss off the patrons.
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Yes I agree. This isnt the first problem I had with them. Just to point out one other...One night a few weeks ago the WHOLE system locked up and was down for about a day. They did refund my money for the tourny I was in. But this just kinda starts a bad list for them in my book.

Well I sure hope they have it cleared up by this evening :what: I am looking foreward to some NL holdem!
Great news. Got a reply last night. They said it was a random watch list checking for inactive players. After getting my account back online (with no money in it) I contacted the cashier and they put my money back in. Also recieved a $10 gift for the trouble. Hope things worked out for you too.
Their phone # is 1-866-788-3005. They give you this number when you sign up and it is on the deposit option screen in the software as well.

The proof you would have of the money missing would be the hand histories. The hand above would say you had $xx and the next hand would show the incorrect balance. I have played several hundred thousand hands there. I have never seen this happen but their software does have some quirks. Let us know what happens.
I just got in from work and i got the email too. :)
Did'nt get any extra 10 but glad to have account open again.

Thanks for the info pokeraddict, can't believe i missed the phone number !
A group of players opened 1400+ accounts to get the free $10 promo they had,and dumped the chips off. That's why they had to lock some accounts until they finished their investigation on said accounts.

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