Absolute Poker closed my account and took my money


Dormant account
May 13, 2007
I tried to log in to Absolute Poker yesterday but to no avail. I emailed them and then they e-mailed me back with the following:

Please note that the reason why you are not able to get in the game is because
we have found that your account is linked to some other accounts which have
performed illegal / fraudulent activities at our site.

When I asked how I get my money back I got the following response:

I'm sorry to inform you that not only your account was closed but the money that
there was in there was confiscated.

Here is the history of my account.

1) When Neteller announced it would pull from Canada I decided to put my money to a couple of casinos and poker sites and keep it there until I decide on what ewallet I would use.
2) So I did it, particularly with AP. I did not have an account there at that time, so I opened it and deposited $2000 on April 8
3) On April 9 I transfered $250 to an AP account of a friend of mine for whom it was too late to use Neteller.
4) On Aptil 11 I opened a Click2pay account and deposited US$20 with it.
5) On April 17 cashed out US$1000 to Click2pay. Another US$700+ still remaining in my account
6) My playing activity was little. I would say I only tested their software by playing some very low limit games.

My friend also had his account closed and money confiscated. Interestingly, he got the same reasoning from them "is linked to other accounts that were involved in suspicious and/or fraudulent activity".

I did not transfer money to anyone else, neither did he. We know each other personally and live nearby. He never cashed out from AP. He also did not get a chance to play much. We never played at the same table.

I can't think of what we violated. Any help is appreciated. I admit I may have deposited more money then I needed to play with, i.e. sort of used the poker room as a bank. But does it constitute grounds for confiscation of all funds? Limit my withdrawals until I play N raked hands, or charge me a withdrawal fee.

At very least, they reasons I am given are clearly erroneus. Two accounts only linked to each other, none of them accused of fraud, but both are accused of being linked to a fraudulent account.
I don't know the exact ins-and-outs behind their reasoning, but I think they suspect you of dumping funds.
First you deposit a large amount from a Neteller account, then you seem to transfer money to another account. After that, you set up a C2P account, make a minimum deposit with no other intent then to withdraw (all) the money there.

I'm certain they think you stole it from somewhere, put it on a Neteller but deposited it on AP immediately to prevent a reversal on Neteller. And now are trying to get it out of there on another payment system.

What I understand from your story, is that you merely asked how to get your money back. I'd rather put effort in writing an essay on your side of the story.

Thank you very much for responding and giving some ideas of what happened.

It may be hard for me to think like thief but I tried and thought that had I stolen that money I had in Neteller:

1) I would not keep half of it in a poker room for a week and another half for a month.
2) I would cash out to an ewallet that allows p2p transfers (e.g. Epassporte or Moneybookers) to facilitate further money movement
3) Finally, would it not be simpler to take money out using my Neteller debit card?

And again, if they suspect me of fraud how about telling me that instead of giving the strange reasons they gave?
You say you played very little. How little is little in your case?
I sincerely doubt any pokerroom would appreciate being used as a savings account. When a person deposits, whether with a pokerroom or a casino, the site expects you to PLAY those funds.
Here's the situation that you're in... (from their perspective)

1. You deposit money from Neteller, then didn't play or play very little.
2. You transfer some money to another player.
3. You open up another eWallet (C2P) and deposited a small amount.
4. You wanted to Cashout a portion of the money.

Now in their view, you are either :

1. Dumping Money
2. Money Laundering
3. Using Stolen Funds

And... to make things worse, you didn't play with them. To accept a payment from you via Neteller actually cost them money and I don't mean a few dollars or a few cents (for the amount you deposited). It could be quite a bit of money and you didn't even gave them a chance to get some money back at all and you proceeded to transfer the money around and now wanted to take it out.

If you were in their shoes, wouldn't you think that it's kinda suspecious?

Now, if I was you. I would call them up, ask to speak to a Manager-in-Charge and then follow-up by writing in explaining your action. On top of that, you need to prove what you did was not Money Laundering coz if they were caught being a money launderer, they could be behind bars for a very long time.

That's basically what I would do and what I think Absolute Poker would definitely want from you in order to even reconsider their actions.

Hope you can get it back. But either way, I'm sure they will charge you something as they were being charged by Neteller and Click2Pay anyways. Good Luck!
You say you played very little. How little is little in your case?
I sincerely doubt any pokerroom would appreciate being used as a savings account. When a person deposits, whether with a pokerroom or a casino, the site expects you to PLAY those funds.

There is no rule that says you MUST play. The site is getting interest off your deposit so by having your money in there you are doing them a favor IMHO.

If the facts presented are true there is no reason for your money to be taken away. Have you called and spoken to the security department?
Yes frauds or something like that may be involved. Jsut ask here by phone, always the best way.
I know it hasn't been easy to deposit fund and withdrawal. Lots of players have bad experience with it. Large deposit and Large cashout with very little play can be question to the gaming site. If I were you. I were to contact AP the manager in charge in the security dept and ask them what can you do to get your money back. Call or write Neteller and get a statement to prove the money from Neteller is your. Get a bank statement that link to Neteller as well. Write a letter to AP and prove that the fund you have from Neteller is your and explain what is your side of the story. AP shouldn't keep the money.

Other thing you can do is call the gaming commission. They should able to help you. AP should give you a REAL reason why they confiscated your money.

Ive had accounts frozen. Its been from playing from a different PC or forgetting my password & not knowing the email I signed up with. Neteller blocked me requesting a withdrawal from a different IP - I phoned them & they asked me a few security questions and re-opened it immediately. With Partypoker I forgot my password, the email was an old invalid one so I had not way to manually change my password. I had to fax them a copy of my passport (even though I had passed the security questions). Although a bit of a pain in the ass at the time, im glad they have these measures in place for my own security.

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