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Jun 30, 1998
The Awards for 2021 are being published this upcoming week. They should have been published three weeks ago, but there have been a couple of delays - just so you know.

Also, there won't be too many bad awards this year since I am pulling my punches. Many of the "worst" awards were being handed to entities that are clearly Russian owned or even have Ukrainian offices (maybe) and I feel it would be inappropriate taking the piss on these folks at the moment.

I hope these will be announced early this week. :thumbsup:
Thanks for letting us know Bryan.

Was beginning too think maybe with the shortlist you were embarrassed to announce the winner lol.

Can not remember the 5 in list off hand.

Tho got to admit anyone could have won but will be bit awkward if it is Videoslots announced as casino of the year as voted by CM members looking at the recent feedback. Especially the Battle of Slots thread.

Anyway look forward to seeing the winner.
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