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Sep 7, 2005
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I was reading the casino's FAQs,when I came across this :

Why do certain table limits change when I receive a bonus?

You will find that certain table limits change once you have received a bonus. These limits are changed in order to prevent promotional abuse. This allows us to offer more lucrative promotions to our players.

So, has any of you guys and girls claimed any deposit bonus at this casino, and seen any limits change ? At which games?

I've seen a representative of this casino visiting the forum, so his help on this would be kindly appreciated. Thanks ! :)
Players must claim their bonuses before deposit.I leart it after depositing,so I cant use their bonus.

After playing with bonus,an email come from paradise ''you can use 20$ no deposit bonus,just go to casino cashier''

I did it and tried to claim this bonus,but ''you are enigable to claim this bonus''

So,I wasnt able to use any bonus at paradise8.

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