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Dec 7, 2004
Hi everyone! This is my first post. :)

I would like to thank CasinoMeister and all the posters for providing valuable information about online gambling.

I have read a recent thread about Intercasino and I also know that this casino has been rated 'players top casino' by Gambling Online Magazine. I also read (unfortunately I can't find the source anymore but I'll keep looking if need be) that Inter might have been promoting the voting (through bonuses?).

My question is: do you really consider Intercasino as the top online casino? Is it one of the safest places to play? One of the best softwares? Graphics? ECashDirect a good payment method? Decent customer service?

If this is a redundant subject, my apologies.

Hi, max

Intercasino has always made my top 5 casinos

Is it the best in bonus, i would say yes , they give u 90 dollars everymonth, it might be more, the graphic are good , the cr is good, the payouts not bad.

You know u going to get paid and you can play with many others.

But to me the best overall casino is Bodog and the reason, poker , sportsbook and casino and nice looking ladies to look at.

They pay same day, dont have to wait for no pin and a cool name.
Hi Max!

I play there occasionally when I fancy a change from the Microgaming slots, as I enjoy their rapid fire and feature machines. Apparently their video poker gets good reports too! Cryptologic casinos are much of a muchness in terms of what they look like, so I guess it's just personal preference. One thing I do like about the ECash Direct method of withdrawing (and this is just a little thing!) is the way you get a little confirmation email as soon as you make a withdrawal, outlining how much you took out, where it's going to - and when you'll get it! Like I say, just a little thing but it makes me feel more comfortable somehow when compared to the hole that Microgaming withdrawals disappear into! I've always had payments back to my bank within three to four working days too, no matter how large or small.

My favourite though is 32RED. Exemplary customer service, good selection of Microgaming slots and video poker, rapid payout every time - and all round lovely chaps. I don't know if it's in relation to me playing there more than anywhere else, but I've been luckiest there too! :D
Hello Bethug and Slotster! :)

Thank you for your replies. Happy to know, Bethug, that Inter is one of your top 5. As for Bodog, I only know them for their sportsbook.

Slotster, their EcashDirect was one of my main concerns. I too prefer 32Red, mainly for the software graphics and sounds.

Popularity is important, but when I downloaded casino-on-net, for instance, I ended up with adwares. Not crazy about that.

Thanks for the info, guys.

maxlevine said:
Slotster, their EcashDirect was one of my main concerns. I too prefer 32Red, mainly for the software graphics and sounds.


Ecash seems rock solid. Never heard any complain and they say they have been around since 1996 with over $11 Billion in transactions.
I agree. Never had a problem, always paid really quickly. The waiting for a pin thing is a bit of a pain, but only first time you play. My advice would be to not play until your pin has arrived. (He says from bitter experience of losing all his winnings from a great first session, but tempted to have 'one last go' whilst I was waiting to cash out :D)
I own stock in Cryptologic, they better be legit :D

I play poker at 6 of their sites monthly. Have had zero problems.
Intercasino certainly is one of the giants in cybergaming and they probably would never trade their reputation for the dirty money of fixing their games. If you still have concerns about safety, there are those casinos with live dealers such as casinowebcam, dr888, and about half of the playtech-powered casinos. Hope this helps.

Hello Sming!

My perception is it would be ridiculous from an online casino to fix games or cheat players of their money considering the profitability potential of such venture. But I have been reading a lot in the past few months and couldn't believe my eyes reading about what some rogue casinos have done.

That being said, it was not my intention to question Intercasino's integrity. I was merely wondering if it really were the top online casino, surpassing some others which, based on forum readings, seem to have an edge. I admit that 32Red's management bios and pictures on their web site, in addition to some members endorsement, does create a feeling of security. But apart from the ECash concept, I was wondering about the software looks, graphics and sounds.

I have downloaded a dozen softwares so far and I have to say that I prefer the one from 32Red. Not to do any publicity, just my personal taste.


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