AAAAAHHHH!!! I saw my first "FRIST '08" bumper sticker last night!!

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Nov 1, 2005
I saw a black Lincoln SUV with Virginia plates and a "FRIST '08" bumper sticker last night in Virginia Beach VA. I thought about letting the person know what I thought of Frist and his hypocrisy. But the SUV disappeared in a secluded waterfront neighborhood of big million-dollar homes. Could be a campaign worker working on devious plans for the wicked man with nefarious rich backers funding the campaign in Virginia. :eek:
I thought Frist had announced that he was retiring from national politics and would not run for president in 2008.
We are being lulled into a "false" sense of security...nothing true ever passes those we must be aware of him at all times...never say NEVER!
I'm going to make my prediction for '08 now:



Trivia: There's 1 way for Bill Clinton to serve as president again. How? :D

Here's a great article re: Frist & the UIGEA, released today.

Snippet (You know it's going to be good based on the first line):
The New Anti-Internet Gaming Law
By I. Nelson Rose
8 December 2006

Senator Bill Frist (R.-TN), doesn't want to be President - he wants to be Dictator.

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