A treat, from AgentEnergy


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Jun 30, 2017
Southampton, UK
Much as Bonanza is probably the most fitting (and clearly you’ll be of no help in that department... :laugh: :laugh: ) I’ll have to go with Phantom of the Opera instead - simply because I ❤ it!

(The musical, not the slot!)


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Dec 18, 2014
Welcome to CM AgentEnergy, and thanks for offering us a real freebie! And at $1 each!!!

Loaded - blink, drink and ladies! Any more reasons needed? :D :cheerleader: :cheerleader:

Won't send you a PM since I haven't deposited in over 18 months now, mainly because of your super high bonus wagering requirements! Any chance you could bring them down to a more player-friendly level. 30x d+b on a 50% = 90x b, we struggle mostly to get through 30x or 35x b, doing the monster 90x b is no fun, honestly. :oops:
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Dec 12, 2017
I'd be the finer reels of life. Cheese, wine ,diamonds and most importantly of all chocolate 4 of my favourite things :)

Some great responses so far had a chuckle at a few.


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Mar 15, 2018
Brilliant! I feel like I can tell a lot about some of your from your responses :) Thanks to everyone who's jumped in so far – there's been some hilarious responses.

@TheMartian – well well, I'm pretty sure you have to prove claims like that ;)
@orion – sorry, unfortunately we can't accept players from Italy at the moment. Hopefully this will change at some point in the future.
@Glassheart – well, that's certainly to the point, lol
@dionysus and @lockinlove – PM me and I'll find out what's going on with your account for you.
@rena35 – always lowball it and keep expectations low, then you can't disappoint your partner.
@4048 – nope. I get you :)
@goatwack – you have filthy mind, it definitely says 'duck'!
@nikantw – oooh don't we all :)
@BWDRus and @kou187– do you have a fedora?
@The Viking – but he does work a hell of a night shift.
@Wondah – nice one :)
@sapit222 and @hotstreak – do we have some goths hanging around here?
@asidea – keep playing and it could happen for real.
@Ginogenelli – but do you actually go through 'the change'!?
@Supababe – you're very welcome! You got a sweet ride?
@dave1888 - There can be only one!
@gilliebean – me too! The Phantom of the Opera is incredible... now I've got Nightwish playing in my head.
@jukkasd – sure, they look cute, but are the planning to wipe us out?
@Harry_BKK – You're welcome! I'll pass on your comments – we always appreciate feedback, thanks.
@PaaskeDKnowUK – indeed. I kind of see myself as Athena, goddess of war!
@Dianne – yep, you've got the right priorities in life.:D

Sorry if I missed any of you out, it's hectic here in the broom cupboard at Energy HQ!

Keep them coming guys, remember the Super EnergySpins offer is open until the 25th March.


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Mar 15, 2018
Id have to say Playboy, because I'd have boobs and be rich! :laugh:
Side note, my account isnt locked but I never deposited because its in US funds :)
EnergyCasino does support Canadian Dollars – just contact customer support team via the EnergyCasino website, explaining what happened, and they will guide you through opening a new account. Any probs, just let me know. :thumbsup:

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