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Jul 10, 2016
North east England
Many of you may be aware, many not.. ive had some struggles of late both physically and mentally. My bicep almost tore to pieces and as a scaffolder my arms earn my cash.
then my back went..
had to have time off work for months.
Had issues with my ex also...
Anyhow today I thought sod it , I’ll have a £20 deposit (yes I can afford it) just ain’t been in the spinning mood of late.
Well that £20 was turned into £580, of which I withdrew £550. That was this afternoon, I beat wagering on YAKO casino.
I deposited £20 and got 200 free spins on warlords, normally I’d not bother with a offer like that but love the game.
Anyhow long story short... went down to £6 and in wagering, that beautiful slot bonanza from that company I adore gave me a win of over 200x, then stones paid me a bit...
Then returned to bonanza after Dazza g gave it a rogering...
Thought sod it £4 stakes for me... had a balance of about £400 ish...
destroyed the wagering like a knight slaying a dragon.
Cashed out £550.
Before my session had pop ups all over for time limits, went on chat and they informed me would be sorted and I’d be emailed.
Within 10 mins was sent a email personally from a rep and all was good.
Asked YAKO staff to hurry my withdrawal also maybe a certain super cool rep about 5ish today...
The money was in my account a hour ago in full, no issues.
Second perfect experience I’ve had with the L and L group.
First was hyper casino.
Too many slate casinos and reps etc, me included.
but credit where it’s due here.
Jan and his casinos really are the business and can be trusted.
That small win made a difference to me, so thanks Jan and the staff at YAKO casino.


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May 13, 2014
L & L are the leaders of the pack by a mile these days and will only go from strength to strength

Their rep is also seriously top notch.

Once back on my feet and able to resume "ye olde slotting budget of yesteryear" they will see most of my play.

Well done on a sweet, sweet cash out and that 5OAK Deer on Stones was well wicked matey :thumbsup:


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Jan 8, 2014
glasgow scotland
Sorry about all the issues you have been having .

Glad you had a good day on the slots and a nice cashout.

Hopefully this will be the start of a change in fortune for you.:thumbsup:


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Jan 2, 2018
L&L are fast at the mo. I requested a £50 withdrawal to PayPal around 1am. It was in my account by 9am. Can’t argue with that.


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Nov 15, 2018
My start with them was not the best, but at the end I can agree that L&L have very good casinos. They need a few more providers, better website design and the withdrawal cancel popup at login needs to get removed.

The 10 % cashback every 24 hours was a good change and rounds up the whole experience at Yako, even if I am not in profit I like to play there.


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Mar 12, 2018
I remember years ago i signed up at poldercasino where i had very good experience. They don't offer their services to the Dutch anymore because of regulations. :(


Some casino's with an MGA license like hero gaming now exclusively only accept The Netherlands and few other countries in europe. Time to start looking at those regulations again to offer us your services. :p


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Jun 15, 2013
@Playford7 - thanks for the kind words mate! I'm happy the win came at the right time and that you managed to spoil the little one yesterday :)

@JohnSnow - Jep, Polder, Fortuin we had to close down unless we don't want a license. Well that license we definitely want so until the Netherlands are regulated we won't be accepting Dutch players and the Dutch casinos remained closed, due to our so called "Black Thursday".

Operators who take Dutch players at this time will, at least not at first, qualify for a Dutch license. The market is pretty big and players are quite loyal, so it is obvious that operators who are not keen to enter a regulated Dutch market are now going full focus to gain some revenues. And they take the risk of a fine of around 300k for granted.

If we are lucky, June 2021 I'll give you a call or send you an email from Polder Casino :)

With a generous offer and specific bonus terms where you don't have to worry about how you play ;)

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Oct 3, 2010
Faroe Islands
well signed up at Yako couple of days ago took the 50% welcome offer
vent back now was going to play the welcome free spins but for some reason cant find or see any Netent games ? just me or ? @L&L-Jan :)

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