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Hi everybody,

I am new here and to the world of online gambling. I want to start playing online and have been looking through the offers some of the casinos are making.
there something that I dont understen though:
when I deposit money at a casino, does that mean that I cannot take it back? is that money now for use only in the casino..?

thanks for helping a confused player...



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If you accept a bonus offer, you have to wager the deposit+bonus x amount of times, before requesting withdrawals.

If you didnt have to do that, you could claim all bonus and withdraw the double of what you deposited.

If you dont take a bonus offer, I think you can withdraw immediatly if you changed your mind on playing.


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Some casinos require that all deposits be played at least one time. Check your terms and conditions for a specific casino.

If you did not take a bonus and have no wagering requirements, check with casino support. Bear in mind that such activity is considered "suspicious" at many casino and may get you flagged. This is particularly true if the deposit and withdrawal methods are not the same.

If you took a bonus and have played some, you may have to complete wagering requirements, you would have to check the promotional terms and conditions as to what those requirements are and what games you may or may not play. If you have taken a bonus but not yet begun to play, contact support and ask them to remove the bonus. Do not play until the bonus has been removed.

Good luck, and consider you next deposit more carefully.

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There are also minimum withdrawals. You can deposit as low as $20 at villento but they have a $100 minimum withdrawal policy.

At least thats what they told me after I played a few hours and tried to withdraw $50.

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