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A recurring ploy...........

Discussion in 'Online Casino and Poker Complaints - old section' started by largeeyes, Jun 7, 2005.

    Jun 7, 2005
  1. largeeyes

    largeeyes Dormant account

    North America
    I am so tired of this. You play at a casino, cashout and then no withdraw for hits for quite a while. You ask, where's my withdraw? They say, oh, we need documents! I'm wondering, how long would they have waited before asking you for these documents they say they needed? I have been asked once out of maybe 20 times I got this excuse...EVERYONE uses this ploy and it's so old.
  2. Jun 7, 2005
  3. Thatchatch

    Thatchatch Dormant account

    Toronto ON Canada
    I couldn't agree more.

    They certainly get a player once in a while that has played so many casinos and he has forgotten about one of them. After six months or a year *clunk*, account closed for inactivity, the money falls into their bucket.

    My own grief, when I used to fax documents, I used to expect at least one "Your documents are not clear, please try again..."

    A book of casino 'tricks and tactics' could be easily written.


  4. Jun 7, 2005
  5. BCarlisle

    BCarlisle Dormant account

    retail sales
    Casinos seem to see themselves as being at war with players. I had a large problem with the way that golden palace group and whoever it is that runs europa/del rio/club dice in that they both accepted my initial withdrawal request, and then, just like in your case they had to be prompted by me about the money, to which they replied, "ID please".

    Then there was the denial of the ID, but no clue as to which ID was causing the problem and how. Should I sent it all again ? Just one bit, tell me please. Of course no response. With the europa/del rio/club dice crowd I went so far as to simply resend the originally denied documents which they then accepted. This leads me to believe that the documents are rejected not on validity issues but on time and when I resent those same documents the time had elapsed.
  6. Jun 7, 2005
  7. winbig

    winbig Keep winning this amount.


    I for one would never forget about a casino that had a positive balance in it. Of course I don't have 10s of thousands of $ laying around either.
  8. Jun 7, 2005
  9. chuchu59

    chuchu59 gambling addict CAG PABnonaccred

    I havent checked recently but I think Captain Cooks and Casino Kingdom asked for the documents once you started playing to ensure smooth withdrawals.
  10. Jun 9, 2005
  11. largeeyes

    largeeyes Dormant account

    North America
    Icing on the cake time. The whole thing holding up my 2300 withdraw(2000 deposit) is a $200 deposit I made via firepay last month. They need confirmation on this deposit. Why didn't they need it when I busted, but only need it now that I have a cashout to make?????

    :what: :what: :what: :what: :what: :what: :what:
  12. Jun 9, 2005
  13. tfny

    tfny Dormant account

    I'm going through the same thing with an accredited rtg listed. I faxed my documents the day after my cashout(monday). I called to see when it would be processed and was told it stays pending for 4 days. :what: I pm'd the casino rep listed here and asked why this couldn't be taken out of my account and processed. I don't want to reverse the withdrawal. (I do, but I won't) I received a pm this morning that this would be taken care of immediately and processed. Lo and behold, I check my account and it's still sitting there. I called and asked why it was still in my account, and was told it was because my documents were being "verified". Funny, they didn't "verify" anything when I made my last deposit and lost. I was told I should have my withdrawal by next Monday. 8 days for a payout, I won't be back again.
  14. Jun 9, 2005
  15. Macgyver

    Macgyver Dormant account PABnononaccred

    North Carolina
    I've had the same thing and the opposite happen:

    1. I won big at an unnamed RTG recently. I had two seperate withdrawals (~$500 and ~$200). I did their Player Certification, yet also sent in some scanned documents just to be on the safe side. The first and larger withdrawal went through without a hitch after the weekend for a total of 2 business days. The second one is tied up until this Friday for some unknown reason, for a total of 5 business days. When I asked through their Live Chat about speeding it up, they simply said it can't be done.

    2. However, I won at yet another and seperate unnamed RTG casino for ~$200 a few weeks before the above. I had played there before, so they already had my documents. They told me that it would be around 5-7 business days. I asked them as well about "flushing" my withdrawal and they gave me the same answer: no dice. BUT I check my casino account the day after that chat and the withdrawal has been processed. So, I guess they can be flushed in some shape, way or form ...

    I'm not complaining about either one, mind you, (that's why they're both unnamed) just wanted to share my experiences for info purposes.

    EDIT: On a side note, Will Hill and Intercasino have just paid me in either less than a day (WH) and one day (Inter).
  16. Jun 10, 2005
  17. scrollock

    scrollock Senior Member

    boro, uk
  18. Jun 11, 2005
  19. TheBloke

    TheBloke Dormant account

    Database programmer
    Of course, the biggest annoyance is being asked for ID in the first place.

    There's little justification for it (I'm able to spend my entire wage cheque on a plasma TV without requiring ID, why do I need it to gamble) - and where there is some justification, e.g. for age verification checks, there's absolutely no excuse for only requiring it on a withdrawal. So it's fine for me to deposit and lose without proving who I am, but not to deposit, win, and withdraw? What a load of crap.

    Then to add insult to injury, they delay your cashout by some arbitrary period whilst they 'review' it. Review it for what exactly? Oh and of course, on some sites they first leave it for 24-48 hours so you can reverse it if you want. How thoughtful of them! Not thoughtful enough to provide a button saying "I definitely do not want to reverse it", of course.

    It's a shame that casinos seem to go hand in hand with trickery and deception. They already have a license to print money, why do they have to play tricks too?

    When I want to gamble, I play on a casino backed run by a major sportsbook (e.g. William Hill or Bodog) where I know the money is going to be back in my Neteller account within hours or even minutes. I can't imagine why you would ever gamble at a site that doesn't fall into this category, except if you are just after bonuses.
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2005

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