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May 21, 2004
Hi all,

Well, basically... I signed up with River Belle casino, and my starting deposit was matched. I started playing Vegas Downtown Blackjack when I noticed they had an autoplay function, as there is a minimum wagering requirement for the bonus, I set the autoplay function on small bets with no minimum balance to go to, after a while of play I had fufilled the minimum wagering requirement - but assumed I would have to risk my own money to claim any bonus.

So I went all in with my balance, and i won. I wasn't sure if I had met the wagering requirements so I turned autoplay on again, however... it resumed with my NEW wager of several hundred s, at 2 hands per second... I obviously lost my entire balance in less than a few seconds. The thing is, earlier, when my BET was set to 2, the autoplay feature was running on 1 - so it was my opinion the two features were unrelated. As a result, I lost my starting amount, my bonus, and an amount more than double this I had won myself.

My problem is, the autoplay lost my balance in two hands, with it betting 50% of my final balance. BUT the autoplay wasn't betting the selected bet earlier, it was doing 1. I was willing to risk my money when I did one 'one-off' bet, but when the autoplay acts like this it was a certaintity I would lose my balance. It's obvious from the logs it was a mistake, but I don't know whether to send them an e-mail about it, I suspect they won't answer. I have no problem losing my own money when it's my fault, but to me this is a fault with them, being that earlier the autoplay was playing 1 not 2. A rather expensive mistake... :(
Did you hit one of the 'play 10 hands' or 'play 5 hands' buttons when it used your new bet amount?

I've done the same thing with videopoker and luckily got a winning hand or 2 before I caught it and slammed the stop button!

You can't lose anything by emailing them and telling them you made a mistake and didn't meant to autoplay at hundreds of pounds/hand. Its worth asking.
Thats really bad.

You took the big risk you risked all your money because you didnt want to look like a bonus exploiter.

You took the big risk and YOU WON you couldnt believe it!! You turned a small amount of money into LOADS you was overjoyed and you was near eligable to cash out!

Well done!

But no :( oh no, god no. The software got you by the balls... gutted sheer and utter disbelief.

OMG why did I do that? OMG why did it do this to me!

I hate life :) I lost my money due to a total stupid error because the software is evil.

If I was you id email them telling them you was a victim of crap software and you want compensation, cept alot nicer phrased than that
jpm said:
Did you hit one of the 'play 10 hands' or 'play 5 hands' buttons when it used your new bet amount?

I've done the same thing with videopoker and luckily got a winning hand or 2 before I caught it and slammed the stop button!

You can't lose anything by emailing them and telling them you made a mistake and didn't meant to autoplay at hundreds of pounds/hand. Its worth asking.

Yea, exactly - it was set to something like 500 hands, with 50% my balance. Would be a bit mad to do this with any intention of not going bust, I was going to e-mail them but feel too stupid to think of anything to write. :/
This is horrible! The autoplay feature uses your last bet amount or the
bet you have on the table as the betting unit. If you bet $50 last, it will
use that or if you bet $3 last, then this will be your betting unit! Since your
last bet was huge and won but you forgot to reset your betting unit, the
autoplay just went ahead and bet your $100, or whatever that was, for you.

I agree that you have nothing to lose to contact customer support to see
if they can do anything for you! Bear in mind that if they restore your
previous balance, they lose money and if they don't they win your cash.
It will be interesting to see what they would say!
Regarding River Belle Casino, I recently signed up today with River Belle casino, and deposited 50. I played a few hands of Vegas Downtown Blackjack and then engaged the autoplay feature to follow the Basic Strategy for a while. After meeting the wager requirement for the sign-up bonus, and doing quite well on V.D.B.J., I was up 50, in addition to my 50 sign-up bonus.
In order to fully qualify for the sign-up bonus, I decided to bet my whole balance, to demonstrate my part that I was not just here for the bonus, I won my bet and my account balance was in excess of 300. By this point I estimate my wagered amount was equal to, or nearly equal to the required bonus. I decided to autoplay some more hands, at 1 a hand to see if I could improve my balance, or at least increase the wagered amount.
However, the instant I turned on the autoplay it resumed from my last bet which was 152 and needless to say, at 4 hands a second, my balance was fully depleted instantly! I was very shocked, as earlier although the 'bet' was set to 2, the autoplay was betting 1 bets! Therefore, when the autoplay suddenly started following the previous bet I was very shocked, and betting with 50% of my amount for several thousand possible hands, obviously isn't a logic anyone would follow! My only thought are that earlier for some reason the autoplay wasn't following the bet amount of 2, and instead 1 because the 1 must have been increased when I had paused the autoplay, but this change did not happen! As a result I was confused by the workings and eventually lost all my money.
If I had lost my money in an all in bet, or a streak of misfortune - I wouldn't mind at all, however - when the autoplay is set so fast, on the previous bet of my entire bank balance it's a stupid mistake to make. I am writing this e-mail to ask if the casino will grant any special considerations to my case. After losing my original cash-in, as well as the bonus, and further 200 winnings due to a misunderstanding with the autoplay operations I am devastated. I had no chance once the autoplay had started on this amount, and it's obvious it wasn't my intention. If you check the logs you can see the autoplay was set on, for in excess of several hundred hands, and going at a rate of several hands a second please take into consideration the misunderstanding and review this matter for me.

Fuitile, but nethertheless...
Quite the ballsy player are you

It will be interesting to see what River Belle will do with your case. It's the reverse of what is complained about so often when a casino withholds winnings because of declaring a player is a bonus abuser, "If I had played and lost, there would have been no dispute." In this case, if you had played for the big money and won, I'm sure we'd be hearing a different story from you than we are hearing now. (How cool could that have been: "I won a million autoplaying blackjack at River Belle.")

Anyway good luck with getting a sympathetic ear at the casino. Let us know the outcome. Bear in mind, anything you get back from this will be purely charity on the part of the casino.
Looks like a nice note to me too, I think it'll be interesting to see how they handle it. I wouldn't be surprised if they do something for you, since it should be clear that this was an error (or temporary insanity! ;) )
To be honest, I don't think you have much chance.
The money is gone, had you win they'd pay you. Now you have lost, and the money is theirs.
As for the "bug" on autoplay. You can report it to them and hopefully they will give you some credits for the help.
Are you a regular customer of theirs? Sometimes, the casino would make exceptions for some valuable players that they really want to hold on. That's the only chance I can think of.
It wasn't a software bug! It was his/her own careless mistake!
I agree that if he/she gets anything back, it would be up to the casino.
It really depends on whether they think you will be a return player and
how much money they can squeeze out of you in the long term.
I have never seen autoplay changing your bet size for you. It always
uses your existing bet size and I have done a lot of autoplay.

That is also why there is a play mode so that you can familiarize with
all the settings first without risking anything.
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One comment on the note, you really shouldn't say "in order to demonstrate
that I am not a bonus abuser and I bet everything in one go".
Let them see this for themselves from your play log, now you are just telling
them that I want to mislead you to think that I am not an abuser but really
I am, I just did that to disguise my intent.

It sounds bad in my opinion!
Yep, sw2003 I can see where you're coming from. Fluffed up that e-mail, I just wanted to get the message across. Also, I realise it's very unlikely they will respond. My theory so far Is that the bet must have been changed to 2 after the autoplay started - thus creating the confusion. Just was a bit upset about losing 6x my initial deposit by this mistake I unwittingly made and had no desire to do, after being so lucky. :(

There's always tomorrow :mad:
Can't hurt to try

I would certainly encourage you to try and tell them your story as simply as possible. It certainly doesn't hurt to explain that you make a huge mistake in misunderstanding that the autobet would pick up your most recent bet amount, rather that your last autobet amount. Understanding that it really was your mistake, and anything they do for you is just to be nice, particularly for a new player, you might offer something like guaranteeing to play it back through at least once.

Riverbelle is one of my top two casinos, and I have found them to be very responsive to problems, particularly under Bellerock gaming. The only problem I had was resolved with a nice compensation for the aggravation. You certainly can't lose anything by explaining it to them and hoping they may take pity on you.
LRDell said:
You certainly can't lose anything by explaining it to them and hoping they may take pity on you.

I hope she prevails. Of course the casino doesn't have to but a little common sense and humanity can go along way. Remember when the policeman just let you off with a warning? I don't either. LOL

I have seen casinos give a guy his money back after obvious mis-clicks, like doubling a 20.

Ezrolith - if you ever do go back and play BJ, make sure you change the settings in auto-play to reflect the best strategy. As far as I know, it's often not set up optimally.
Ezrolith said:
Thanks both of you, I'll bear it in mind Clayman. And we'll see what they say anyway in response to my e-mail.

I lost money on the sign-up bonus with this groups of casinos twice. The first time it was my inexperience and incompetence, the other time it was just sheer bad luck. Both times I got a generous second bonus offer, so even if you don't get any refund, you might get a very nice bonus.

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