A question about 32RED casino software


Dormant account
Hello everyone, I opened my 32RED account a few days ago and started playing
and today I noticed a file named was created after I finished playing and quit the software
the file was created in the root directory of my drive D:\ which is weird cause my 32RED software is installed in drive C:\ and the size of it is 0KB
I was not sure so I deleted the file and tried again a moment ago I opened the casino had a few games then quit, the file appeared again
I've talked to 32RED support via online chatting but they don't know what that is either (very good serivce there BTW)
anyone here have experienced the same situation? because I was concerned it might be a trojan or something, I have antivirus software and after a disk scan it didn't report anything
any information of it will be much appreciated :)


Dormant account
I dotn think it is to much to worry about, casino software will always go to your main drice being the C drive, what may be happenig is it is just copying a part of the needed security file over to your D drive so they casino software knows you are running two drives or partitioned drives. I havent had the issues personally but I dont think you need to worry at all.

You have pin pointed it to a 32RED casino file so it's not malicious by any means


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I have seen this file constantly appear. It is always empty, and just wont stay deleted. I have never traced it to a particular application though. Maybe it is Microgaming, not just 32Red, as otherwise I would expect a different one to appear for each MG casino.


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That looks like an IP address maybe its creating a protocol to your computer. Check and see if that is your IP address or theirs.


Basically, you are being assigned a private network address. I don't think it's anything to worry about - if anything it may make your connection to the casino more stable.