A problem I have never encountered before in years of playing!


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May 31, 2007
Bit of a strange one this :confused:

Was playing blackjack at Everest Casino (Grand Virtual Software). Had a $150 bet down, and was dealt either A7 or A8 vs dealers 6.

Before I acted, I was cut off from the casino. My connection seemed fine with other applications, but was cut off from the casino.

When I loaded it back up, the $150 had just dissapeared and I can find no way to complete the hand. I have sent a few emails to Everest but am yet to get a response.

Has anyone else ever found this problem at Grand Virtual Casinos? Is there an easy way to restore old bets that I cant find :confused:
Hi Camdenal, welcome to the best forum on the net. That is weird. I take it Grand Virtual doesn't have a play history that you can check....like MG's Playcheck feature? In any event, there is a Grand Virtual rep here at CM. Here is the link to his/her profile....just click on send a Private Message and hopefully they can help you get this resolved.

Thanks :)

And thanks for the quick reply! :notworthy

I was trying to find a playback thing, I can only seem to find the history of transactions tho. I will give it another thorough searching when get to the computer tomorrow and then if still cant figure it out willl contact the rep, thanks!!
Sometimes hands don't instantly re-appear after a crash, you gotta play a few and then 4 or 5 hands down the line up pops the lost hand. From my experience anyway.
Quick update!

I PM'd the representative here and she was extremely helpful :notworthy

The game was meant to be restored automatically on the software, but I wasnt able to get it (I am not sure if this is because of the delay problem mentioned above, or because I made an error in loading up the game or something else!).

The forms I filled in to try and contact customer services I think had an error in them, so there replies were bouncing. I think I put .com on the end of my contact email instead of .co.uk :eek: I keep on doing this recently out of habit as I juust changed email, and I abologise a lot for making this error Everest !

Everest were unable to restore the bet, as hands are only stored for 2 days, and because of my mistake on the form I found out too late. However Everest have restored the original bet amount ($150) to my account.

After problems at other casinos it is very refreshing to have excellent and fast support from a casino!

A big thumbs up to Everest Casino from me :thumbsup::notworthy


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