A Observation From My Latest Visit


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Jul 24, 2008
I recently(yesterday) visited my local casino to play some blackjack. The table I was at was doing very well, we couldn't lose a hand. I played the max bet($500) several times and won every time, I turned my bankroll from $500 to around $3000 before I colored up and cashed out.

You would not believe how many pit bosses were watching our table(around 10 of them) all just staring at us and writing down stuff on their papers , When I colored up 4 :eek2: different pit bosses verified the amount before they gave it to me.

When I went to the cage to cash out my chips, 4 :eek2: cashier managers verified the cash amount was correct before they gave it to me.

I have never in my several years of going to this casino seen so much attention to such small amounts, I know the economy is rough right now and being a casino in the middle of nowhere they are hurting badly but still, wow...:rolleyes:

*Note: They make their decks impossible to card count / shuffle track so that was not the reason they were watching..
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Jan 31, 2009
That is not too far out of range it seems like. I have played in AC for the past 20 years and Connecticut since the early 90's. Mostly Baccarat and high limit pit Black Jack. My last trip to AC at the Hilton, where I am a very well known player, a regular, even thou I live out west now--I was up over $50,000.00 at the Big Table Baccarat on the second floor in the Asian Gaming Parlor. Yes, there was 2 guys who stood there that I never saw before as well as the 2 floor raters, the pit manager and another floor person. I know a couple of years back, they would have never done that. It was probably things are tightening up and I know at The Hilton which was taken under the Resorts Management team now, alot of changed in management. Likewise in the High Limit gaming area downstairs at the Hilton in AC I was playing black jack was a couple of friends whom also are long term players there and we were all up about $10,000.00 each and some additional personnel showed up the same way. Just thought these events were along the lines of what you brought up. Thanks, Glen.

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