A nice surprise from Betway


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I am not sure how many of you that have heard about this casino, however I used to play there alot before (MG) but stopped when I felt as if they were juste ating my money.
I liked it since they had a swedish site and also swedish support and I could deposit by card and recive the funds to my bankaccount without any hassel.
Today I recived a call from one of their guys (in swedish) and he asked if he could ask me some questions... Sure - why not
he started by saying that I had been a loyal member for so long and that they now wondered why I never came around anymore. I said as I felt - I stopped winning =))) he laughed and asked some more and finished off by crediting me with $50 free =)
That was a nice surprise today =)

Just wanted to share =)


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Betway is great. It is a shame that nobody knows them outside Scandinavia (and maybe UK? Not sure).


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The same thing happened to me. Normally I do not like to be called on phone by casinos. But if it is a 50$ gift, then it is ok :)

Even better, I turned it into this monster:


And I got paid in 2-3 days. Excellent work from Betway.
What can I say? You ugly monster.

Actually, Betway is pretty good but since they dont accept ecocard, I closed my account with them although I told them to notify me when they include this as a deposiiting and withdrawal option. BTW, I think this casinos is related in some way to GNUF. Although they made some silly mistakes in the past, customer service is always around the corner and occasionally they send you 10 or 20 free spins to spice everything up.


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I didnt win, however i still appreciate the gesture and that will probably make me re-sepodit with them again =)
they have always been fast on payouts and never any issues or problems!

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