A New kind of Betting? What do you think?


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Feb 10, 2009
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Hiya: This is based on the Movie, Rat Race, and how Poker sites are set up.
For those who don't know, the movie was partly about a Casino Owner having his rich clients bet on anything he could think of.
The next person who walks in the door will have brown/black/grey/red hair?
The person getting the drink at table 5 will tip how much? 0-1-2-3 $?
and so on.

On Poker sites, the house take a % of the Pot at the end of each hand. They can never lose money as some player will win the hand, and it did not matter if the pot was $1.20, or if it was $1200, the Casino gets x% of it, and the winner gets paid by the players who lost.

This is actually how we get paid at any online Casino. The players who lost, end up Paying the players who Won. However, once in a while you get several players who Won a Lot, and only a few players who lost, and the Casino has to use its reserves to pay out.


Here is the Idea: There are multiple betting choices to choose from. The player signs up to make a bet, and the Casino takes from them the money. After the winning bet is decided, the Winner gets all the money that was in the Pool, minus, the % that the Casino gets to keep.

Example: At Roulette table 4, at exactly 8pm, the first number to repeat will be? A Number could repeat on the very next spins, or as long as 20 spins later.
The cost of the bet is $1, and you choose a number. No one can choose a number alreay chosen. Bets stop at 7.59. The number 17 hit for the second time on spin #12., and Bob wins the bet. He gets all the money, and the Casino keeps $2, as example.

At Poker machine #6, over the next 5 spins, on the pay line, what card will show up the most? Players place their bets, and linda choose the Q, and it came up the most and she wins, and casino keeps x% of the total bets.

This could even be expanded to events outside of the Casino. The NBA Game between the Hornets and Denver, will end with the total points by both teams totaling, !60-165, or 166-170, and so on. Once a bet has been chosen, no one else can choose the same outcome, thus only having 1 winner per bet made. Bet sizes can vary so all you risk is $1 to win $30, or risk $10 to win $400, and the like.

This requires NO new software, and just requires setting up a, "Holding Pen" for the bets until a winner is decided. The number of, and types of things to bet on are endless. You could even do the Inside the Casino part, Live via web cam, by having someone, "on this board, or a casino rep, make the chosen bets in the game that was picked.

Your thoughts?

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