A new faxback form after 4 years?


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Dec 26, 2007
I have played at the same casino for four years, I have had several cashouts over those years. None of my information has changed, same bank account, same address, same job, same everything. I tried to withdraw the most money I have won in a long time, not that much, only 2200. Suddenly, they want a new faxback form and documents, though it clearly states a player only has to submit this information ONCE.
They do not have a toll free fax number, in fact it is international, and to copy and scan and email these documents is going to take me several days. So of course, my withdrawal will be held up, and in fact I will not even be able to play unless I reverse my withdrawal which I will not do. And to round it all out, they are stating I will receive a check with no other details. I requested a wire transfer, which is what I have always used and had no problems with my bank. I can still use my bank visa card to deposit with. I would even take ACH, however a check will be held for another 10 days by my bank, after I finally receive it, after I send them documentation for a second time. Sounds to me like they are just trying to delay paying me and I do not understand why. Have never had a problem with payouts from this casino which is one reason they have always been my favorite even though I don't win much. Any ideas on why all this is occuring now? I feel if they wanted new documentation they should have asked for it long before I requested a withdrawal since I have been playing there for four years. Any thoughts?


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Oct 25, 2010
The first suggestion I'd make is PMing the sites rep here if they have one (http://www.casinomeister.com/forums/showroster.php) to see if this is a misunderstanding, and if not to ask why the change in policy.

Being in the USofA certainly isn't working in your favor and the likely cause of this as well as your limited wd options.

Remain patient, resist the urge to reverse, and keep us posted. Best of luck.


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Apr 17, 2010
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It's a requirement by many licensing authorities that online casino's check player's hard doc's periodically, so the request is not out of line. Four years is a long time and they're probably getting up to date. Why not sooner? Not sure.

I guess the payout triggered that your doc's were old..
Others can correct me if I'm wrong but I've never seen in T & C's that doc's should be sent one time and one time only.

I do understand your complaint about faxing your documents to a non toll free number and international too. This will cost you money as it's not toll free and unsecure.

The new TST standards suggest that OC's use encrypted means only for this process.

Since you are US based, maybe at this time a check is the only option. Payment options change daily for US players from what I've read.


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Jun 15, 2011
The other questions were already answered but as for as the not being able to play while your withdrawal is held up: Could you request 2100 and leave the other 100 in? Resubmit a different withdrawal amount?


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Oct 14, 2004
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The other questions were already answered but as for as the not being able to play while your withdrawal is held up: Could you request 2100 and leave the other 100 in? Resubmit a different withdrawal amount?


Whilst there is nothing wrong with them asking for a fresh set of documents, I don't see any need for the further "jerking around" over suddenly insisting on a check without an explanation of why ACH and wire transfer, something that has so far been working OK for this player, has suddenly become a non-option.

Tell the casino that the documents are on their way, but that there will be NO further play or reversal until their change to sending checks has been verified as "functional" by the player, as checks to US players are notorious for being made of rubber, and having to be chased up, reissued, etc.

If the OP does intend to play some more, make damn sure it is elsewhere, and not even a sister casino.

If there are problems with this withdrawal, and it is a struggle to get it, "reward" the casino for this by uninstalling it, or even asking for the account to be closed because you are now going to play somewhere more "reliable" when it comes to the withdrawal process.

It's possible that the casino just lost the processor that did bank wires and ACH, and now only have one(s) that issues checks.

These sudden changes have long been a problem for US players, and in some cases have been an early warning sign that something far worse has happened. This was the case with the run up to the QT shutdown, with many players noticing curious issues with making QT deposits, and a dramatic slowdown of the process of getting QT funds back to their banks. EWX had similar warning signs, put down to "technical issues", before they simply disappeared after freezing the service.

Until such a problem has been solved, there is always the chance that no solution can be found, despite promises that the operator or eWallet is currently looking for one, or a "new processing partner".


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Sep 26, 2004
This is exactly what happened to me when I won a random jackpot at InetBet last year. It was only slightly more than $1k but more than anything I had cashed out from this casino. I had cashed out numerous times previously but in smaller amounts without problems. Yet on that occasion, they required me to send back a faxback form and docs. Like the op I had played at the casino for several years. After sending in the required documents, I was paid very quickly though.


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Jun 20, 2001
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If it is inetbet, and it sounds like it is, the best thing to do is contact the rep. Before posting is better, but it is too late for that.

Many casinos are updating their KYC data at present and it is not confined to just one operator. It isn't unreasonable to request docs periodically. I'm surprised you don't have a scanner/printer....I thought it was a necessity these days. Maybe it is worth buying one, as they are cheap these days and might prevent any of these issues in the future.

One thing about inetbet is that they don't mess around when it comes to payments and I've never known them to deliberately stall.....they pay out 7 days a week so that tells you something. I would assume the cheque issue is a processor problem, but I'm sure the rep will clear things up.

Good luck.


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Mar 13, 2008
Asking for updated documents after 4 years is not unreasonable IMO. It's not necessary to FAX a faxback forum, it can be emailed.

As for the cheque issue, every casino I've joined reserves the right to pay you by whatever means it wants to.

If you get your documents scanned, make sure you keep an electronic copy, it will save you some trouble next time you need them.