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Jun 6, 2002
Do not take advice all the time from casinomiester as he will tell you himself and dont gamble at Sun Vegas Casino aka Crazy Vegas I dont care about losing money so i keep making deposit after deposit just to make sure that i am correct in saying they are ripping you off,anybody who say's that microgaming controls random number dohicky is being fooled ,yes thats you the topnotched programmer the math exspert you are,how ? R.P.R (random player ripoff)thats why even you dont know.They do this to people who play after they say they never use there credit card and it wasnt them so casino gets charge backs,if you are on the list and play again YOU WILL NEVER WIN A CENT.How do i know this, a employee that works for them knows my dad and seen are name, they were in the air force together and told him not to play using that credit card because we would never win.thats all he said so i came up with whats above, but from that what would you come up with
Ha ha ha The Meister himself says not to take his advice 100% of the time, but he however does want you to follow his advice 97% of the time, and I will defer to the CasinoMeister himself for further explanation. :)

This is exactly what I heard myself, after talking to a couple of MGS "whistle blowers".
It may all be rumor, but here it is anyway:

Basically, if your name EXACTLY matches someone who

1) has charged back $$$ to the casino or
2) is an avid bonus hunter

The system will go into "take down" mode and never let you win any money.

For instance let's assume your name is a common name like Robert Smith. If another Robert Smith has charged back on his credit card, and your name exactly matches this (Robert Smith) and you setup a new account, WITH DIFFERENT address and credit card, and start to play, the system will flag this account, and force you to keep losing no matter how many deposits you make, until your account is manually reviewed by the internal fraud department at Microgaming OR until a pending cashin is made.

Sometimes, due to a backlog of other projects, the security department doesn't have the time to manually review accounts, and a player loses thousands of $$$ to do this "security measure."
What the [color=ff0000]•[/color][color=ff0000]•[/color][color=ff0000]•[/color][color=ff0000]•[/color] kind of drugs are you people on. Protech?? Are you sniffing glue or what? Don't come to this forum and start rambling a bunch of shit unless you want to get yo' ass thrown out of here. If you have a problem with me, or any "advice" I may be giving you(??), then make an effort to engage a few functioning braincells before opening your mouth. I have no idea what the [color=ff0000]•[/color][color=ff0000]•[/color][color=ff0000]•[/color][color=ff0000]•[/color] you're rambling about. All I know is that you have pissed me the [color=ff0000]•[/color][color=ff0000]•[/color][color=ff0000]•[/color][color=ff0000]•[/color] off.

What the hell is your beef? Please extrapolate in a language that the average person can understand.


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"engage a few functioning braincells"

Agreed, Justified and Well Stated Meister! :rofl:

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I have never been able to win a dime at any microgaming casino's, I may come up by 2-3 credits then right back down. I will never play at any of their casinos again. I do believe that they engage in some unfair business practices. Why make it more of a gamble that it already is?
No not sniffing glue nor will I be sniffing your butt cause I will not be kissing it!You have said don't always follow advice from casinomiester so if you get that upset from being quoted ,sniffing glue may help you.Is this rambling a bunch of shit? (Do not take advice all the time from casinomiester as he will tell you himself ) I think not.what's the beef? dave r had no problem seeing the beef,so he's must not be an average person, but Intelligent enough to understand what the beef was, even with poor punctuation.As far as my ass thrown out of here,you cant throw a 6'5 320lb man anywhere,even know that may sound tough it looks childish, and is exactly what message boards are not for,administrators blocking users for expressing there thoughts and opinions.And my rambling a bunch of shit, turns out not a bunch of shit,but backed up by another forum user
Hi Protech,

I was hoping you'd engage more than fifty brain cells to make a coherant reply, but you get an "A" for effort.

The only persons I've blocked from here in the last four years are spammers. Everyone else has had the oportunity to have their say without censor or kissing anyone's ass. But for you my fine fellow, to jump in on your first day of posting and rant some cryptic message about taking my advice (which was an attack on my judgement, by the way), is a good way to [color=ff0000]•[/color][color=ff0000]•[/color][color=ff0000]•[/color][color=ff0000]•[/color] me off. Save your verbal spewings when you've had a little more experience with me or my "advice". And you can take my advice or leave it (I still don't know what the hell you are specifically referring to). I never believed in blind obediance, and I don't think people take that from me. You have a brain, use it (or what's left of it).

But if you came here just to throw some shit around, you came to the wrong place. You don't come to my house, drop your pants, squat in the living room and take a dump on the floor. "Everyone likes to bitch, and it's here that you can vent. Just try to do it tactfully." Your post lacks tact.

Point me in the direction where I state "don't always listen to me" Dave_r?? 97% of the time, what? And if I did say that, so what? Do you take advice from anyone 100% of the time? Think about what your parents have told you, your grandparents, spouse, drill sergeant. Get real. Get a life.

Admin said:
Point me in the direction where I state "don't always listen to me" Dave_r?? [Endquote]

Dear Bryan,
You've NEVER stated those exact words "Don't always listen to me", nor have you quoted the above percentages.

What you did say is that there are rare occasions when a site gets put on your recommended list that doesn't belong there. I believe you said this way back 2-3 yrs ago, when we were politley arguing about Casino Treasure and I asked that it be removed from your recommended list, and you managed to convince me that they have been a reputable operation and were not linked to Cyberthrill. In retrospect, you were definately right. I also believe you did the right thing when you reconsidered your recommendation of Handa-Lopez/iGlobalMedia, and removed these casinos from your list.

You were humble and admitted that mistakes happen once in a while. No one is perfect.The advantage of these forums is we can openly debate this issue, in hopes of seeing the truth.

Look at Black Widow. A solid recommendation from you. Then low and behold, they are becoming the laughing stock of the industry for coming out with every excuse in the book for slow pay or no pay. Jetset recently flagged these complaints as urgent. I cannot blame you, Bryan, for recommending them. Prior to the changeover, they were a relativey good operation with a solid track record. But now its been way, way after the software changeover, and they still don't have thier act together. This is just another example of a good casino gone bad.

As far as my so called "agenda" against Microgaming, I can truly say its not an agenda, but simply my opinion after repeatedly getting burned again and again at thier casinos, playing blackjack. Perhaps its is all bad luck, but I doubt it. I truly believe, whether intentional or not, something is wrong with the game. So, whenever I got the opportunity to expose them I do so. Remember, a long time ago, you said my comments about MGS progressive jackpots were so far out there, you started making comments about the moon, and astronomy. You said, why is it that not one major licensee managed to squeal like a pig to expose them. Well guess what, SUNNY GROUP has done exactly that. And they were one of Microgaming's oldest and most respected licensees.
Would they MAKE UP THAT WHOLE STORY because they couldn't pay thier monthly fees to Microgaming. Possibily, but not likely. I've read thier comments again and again, and have even spoken to thier IT manager, Peron, and believe the whole thing is for real.

Also, I believe I've come up with substantial evidence that Proc-Cyber (one of the most incompetent ecash outfits on the face of the planet) is owned by Microgaming. Same NetworkSolutions information. Also, Proc-Cyber's INFINIA card's UK phone # is a direct line to Microgaming's main office. What more can I do to convince anyone?
Man, Dave, you've got a good memory. It's kinda funny, the first casino that I showcased here was Grand Dominican back in June 98. It was simply because the company I worked for translated their website into German and I felt their company could be trusted. Hmmmm.

I agree, Black Widow needs to get its act together yesterday. I am monitoring this very carefully since I don't like what I see.

I applaud your efforts in waving flags when you feel that something aint right, this is what keeps the industry on its toes. I think that there is a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes concerning Sunny and MG though. Perhaps this is why it's been so quiet lately.

We'll I'm sorry but didn't know I was going to start an argument.Although I have notice in reading various message boards that when someone vents, there always someone there to respond in a negative way, or an opposing way, and not sympathize. But overshadow the original point,which has been done .So lets me make it simple.Microgaming casino's will not let you win if your name is on a blacklist for chargeback's.I will not explain how because it might confuse some and again be over shadowed and I might offend someone and that is not my intention and has not been,I also understand that someone may earn a living from someone I may be griping about, and has to play it the way they should, and my apologies for not taking that into consideration first,because I also make a living off online gaming being a casino owner myself,And can see taking the ' I don't know what your talking about' way to deal with it.This may or may not be the case here and I could be wrong.But by me not simply saying (Do not take advice all the time from casinomeister as he will tell you himself), maybe my gripe would have been responded to like it was by dave r and not like it was an attack on casinomeister, and I think is a great site and I wouldn't be a member of if I thought otherwise,and for anyone to put the time it take's to manage and work it,and help keep the gaming industry in check,has to be respected in a way that we should watch what we say and what words we mix with casinomeisters name.Now I will stop because I'm confusing myself so I've most likely confused others

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