ATTN: Casino Rep A little praise for Omni Casino


Game old gal
Mar 13, 2008
There are few Playtech accredited casinos here at CM. And almost never any threads about Omni or it's sister Fly. When there are, the rep always responds.

Customer service is important to me, and I've yet to have bad support in the past couple of years I've played with them.

Payout times are not the speediest, I know it matters more to some people than others. But I often find that as an established player and especially if I play without a bonus, it's often paid in less than stated timeframe, and back to my reloadable prepaid card, truly my number one choice.

Bonuses are not withdrawable, and not all slots are valid when playing with a bonus, although some recent changes made more, but not all, jackpot slots available.

I had not deposited in a short while before I went on holidays, as I cut back deposits everywhere before my vaction, and got sent a nice "we miss you" VIP offer during my holiday. Omni only offers download and not mobile play, so I sent an email back saying I'd be pleased to take it when I came home, and they gave me until the end of the month the claim it.

They later sent me a birthday gift of $200, with just 10x wagering, and a max cashout of $2000, in my account.

I logged in and played last night, and in the bonus section could not see any bonus amount after playing for a while, and usually it would show as
"completed" and the amount, and I may or may not have wagered it 10x. That's not a standard bonus.

So today when I have some time to sit down and play, the lovely Amieca answers my livechat inquiry. I get her frequently, as I tend to play at certain times, evenings in Curacao. The download chat client knows who I am, without asking for details, or email address and account number and date of birth.

Lo and behold, that was a birthday gift, the bonus is withdrawable, my entire balance is withdrawable. It's not a large sum, about $250 right now, and I am looking to play tonight, and there is a 2K max cashout.

I play regularly, but there are other casinos I play at more frequently, and I did feel like I should give them some praise. I've had over 2 years of experiences without disappointments from support or offers, and have only posted one Yippee kind of thread, so lets give some credit where credit is due.

A kudos to my VIP host Suzanne too, who I've never contacted to ask for anything, but always responds quickly if I have a question about anything she offers, or the extension for the miss you bonus.

OC Elliot has been a rep here for ages,long before I joined Omni, and while I've never needed him, and people seldom do, he always seems to respond promptly. I see he visited CM today. I'll send him a link to this thread.

If fast payouts are not your highest priority in a casino, Omni has a lot to offer, despite a Cupofcocoa licence. Back when I joined CM, there were only a few casinos they felt were trustworthy despite the jurisdiction, and IMO they remain trustworthy.

Casinos with good support rarely have people join CM to complain, or have to take it to the forum because a rep does not respond and can end up not getting the recognition they deserve.

Plus, I do love how much better games play on download clients usually.


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Jan 17, 2014
Yeah I always liked that casino back in the day. I dont remember what happened but im self excluded I guess. I think it was in my more immature days when I couldnt handle losing and would let my anger get the better of me and close accounts.


Where's My Handpay?!?
Mar 8, 2016
Ottawa, Ontario
I have thought about depositing at Omni but I will pass on a bonus. 40x is too high. I would like to know if they give you all your winnings like they do at Video Slots, BetVictor and Kathleen's Casino. I'm avoiding places that still take a fee now.


Game old gal
Mar 13, 2008
No fees to deposit (although anywhere I purchase out-of-country costs 3% on my Moneymart Visa), and total amount straight back to my card, which I can withdraw in cash in person at MM, or use an ATM for $1 per transaction, plus whatever that particular bank or machine charges.

I checked last night, and my withdrawal is no longer reversible, and I noticed that the withdrawal times have been shortened from 2-4 days to 1-3, and IIRC correctly last time was just two days before it was back to my card, but I believe that was a deposit without any bonus funds.


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Aug 25, 2004
Bexhill on sea, England
These have always been good guys, and I think they have been Accredited here way back into the Cryptologic days, when I used to play there.
(My master spreadsheet tells me I joined there in 2002!)

It's such a shame that the Crypto software is no more - and moving to Playtech (with it's less than stellar reputation) must have been a burden for them too. But what makes a good casino is how it's run, not which software they use, and in this respect Omni is a very good casino :thumbsup: