A little help here -- in the US


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Dec 27, 2011
I just joined and Im still reading through the forums. I am looking for a good online casino where I can play blackjack. I used to play poker years back at some of the sites that have been shut down, but no luck with blackjack.


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Jan 9, 2010
Hi, and welcome to the forum.

Keep reading, you will see some posts here on where to play and where not to play. This site is full of useful information and player experiences, which I find very useful. A good place to start is the Accredited list, because some of the casinos do have blackjack. I have never played BJ online, but I am sure many members here have.

Again welcome to the forum.



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Jun 15, 2011
Take the following with a grain of salt:

I LOVE highnoon's blackjack. I've turned $ 15.00 into $ 300.00 + more than once. Payouts for me have always been slow though. When I don't mind waiting for my winnings I will play there.

I wish I could say I love 3dice's blackjack but it just doesn't feel right to me. Some like it but just not for me I guess. Payouts at 3dice have always been quick for me, which is why I wish I liked their blackjack as blackjack and roulette are my favorite games.

When I want slots and roulette I go to 3dice. If I want to play blackjack I hit up highnoon. Its likely you will mainly get opinions based on where people themselves have done well at. In the end its best for you to play at different casino's and see which blackjack game you like. For example I will admit part of my dislike for 3dice's blackjack is the way the cards are dealt. I just can't stand the animation.