A little break


Dormant Account
Jul 15, 2012
Hey Guys,

i'm active here for quite some time. Luckily i'm absolutely controlled about my spending, but i'm not about my time.

I always had the money under control, and on one side i always also had my social life (= going out with Friends etc.), but still when i think about how many hours i spent in fron of my computer playing slots... It's just too much. I play nearly daily for at least 2-3 hours when i don't have something different going on... I played less guitar, i made less sports... It was just too much, and i think it's time to take it a bit easier. I'm sure some of you had the same experience.

I will still post in the forum, but i will stop playing Online Slots for a while and stick to the landbased from time to time...

Just wanted to let you guys know, that my response time can be a bit longer than usual!

Have a good start of the new week!!



Ueber Meister
Aug 28, 2009
Right here
At the end of the day, slots is just entertainment like any other. I have to make sure that I budget my time well - some time for exercise, some time for socializing, some time for chores, and some for entertainment - and stick to my time budget. Which might sound a bit compulsive to some people, but it's what works for me. :thumbsup: