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Apr 16, 2008
Firstly I'd like to say hi, I've been a member for quite some time. Secondly sorry about missing coming to London but live near Liverpool in Wirral and haven't the funds to come at such short notice. Thirdly(!?) Hi to all the people like yourselves that like a flutter but fairly, and Fourthly (?!?!?!?!) Has anyone heard of lion slots? I've not long joined and am indulging in their bonuses at moment. I can't find a review on here about them, so advice before I deposit. I'm a bingo player but usually play slots way more than bingo. I'm a member of JPC which I love and love the staff, but since New Year they've been ignoring me for some reason over a number of things. I'm on such or was on such good terms with all the live support from South Africa that I sent them all a little Christmas present. They're having a bit of a problem with the software, which is so annoying having to log in 15 times tonight just to get in. Anyway I'm digressing so sorry, so looking for somewhere else to put my pennies now. Lion slots?? Any takers and thanks
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Aug 25, 2004
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Lion slots?? Any takers and thanks
Suzy (sideshowsuzy since 1992):confused:
Lion Slots is a white-label Rival casino.

When launched in June 2008 it was an "independent" operation, however, in August 2010 they got taken over by new owners/managers who also acquired another Rival White label (Dendera Casino) at the same time.
I suspect (but am not sure) that they are now being run directly by Rival themselves, or more specifically, by Silverstone Overseas Limited, who seem to be listed as the owners & operators of all the WLs, which has always mystified me... :confused:

Anyway, I don't think I have ever seen a player complaint about Lion Slots, so they should be safe IMO. I certainly wouldn't have any hesitation in depositing there myself IF they had any decent bonuses and IF I wasn't globally banned from bonuses at nearly all Rivals... :(
(I did the SUB there in July 2009, but failed to make the WR).

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