ATTN: Casino Rep A HUGE thank you to Wim at Fortune Lounge Group re: Euro Palace withdrawal


Sep 8, 2013
A mere 7 days ago I started this thread....

At this point, I have to admit I was a bit apprehensive as to how this was going to pan out. Well all I can say now is.....

What a difference a week makes! :yahoo:

On the advice of chayton (thank you very much btw :) ), I got in contact with Wim (the Fortune Lounge rep) last Saturday.

He was off for the weekend and didn't get to see my message until Monday.

Fast forward to Monday. And from the word go, Win was just amazing, awesome, attentive and helpful beyond my wildest dreams throughout the entire process. In short, an absolute STAR!! :notworthy :thumbsup:

The end result was this.....note that all of this happened on Wednesday, a mere 2 days later.

1. Documents approved (including my out of date passport)

2. Withdrawal flushed for processing. Anniina from player support then quickly e-mailed me to inform me that they cannot process withdrawals to Maestro cards and advised me to change my PMOP. I logged into my account and changed it to Cheque. Problem solved. :)

3. E-mails received from the other four Fortune Lounge properties (7 Sultans, Platinum Play, Royal Vegas and Vegas Palms) confirming that my documents were approved. So if I feel like playing at the other four casinos (while they are still around for these last few weeks before they sadly leave the UK market), then I can and I don't have to go to the "hassle" of re-submitting/re-emailing my docs, if I am lucky enough to be in a position to make another withdrawal.

4. Received another e-mail from Anniina, where I was told that cheque delivery will take 7-21 days. I would at this point like to take the opportunity to thank Anniina and also the Player Security and Player Support teams for their excellent work in the last few days as well. Thank you all :)

Fast forward to today. And imagine my surprise, disbelief even, when I find a cheque from Euro Palace in my letterbox. :eek: :eek::yahoo:

So to sum up, I am one VERY HAPPY customer today. And it is all down to one very good man.

Thank you Wim. You are an absolute credit to Fortune Lounge. I am forever in your debt and will always be grateful to you for your help in making this whole process so smooth, efficient and stress-free that it was actually beyond my wildest dreams.

The least that I can do to show my full and sincere appreciation of your efforts is to create this thread. Thank you :notworthy


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Feb 22, 2001
Wim's been around at Fortune since God was a boy and does a great job - nice to see he's still on the ball.


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Oct 14, 2004
United Kingdom
We don't have long.

It all depends on how long they feel they can stay without violating the UK laws.

September 16th is the last date for getting in an application and still be allowed to offer service until it's decided. Once this date has passed, they can be said to have not met the criteria for continuation, and will have to cease service to the UK. They could either play it safe and close to UK players on the 17th, or string it out until the 30th, the last day of the current regime. If they take a bet on 1st October, and do not have a UK license, it's a clear breach, and something they would want to avoid. If they want players to have had time to finish their play, and receive their withdrawals, then choosing a date earlier than the 30th would be best.

Closing to the UK at the end of the 16th is probably the safest option in the legal sense. they can't be said to be breaking any laws before then because even if they haven't applied, they don't have to until the 16th, and they could always change their minds right at the last minute and shove an application in just before the deadline.

It's possible that Microgaming have a date in mind upon which they will block UK players, the same as they did with Spain when they felt operators were sailing too close to the edge in continuing to offer service to Spanish players without having applied for the licence required. In this case, operators argued that they couldn't do this because the Spanish government had not started accepting applications, but this point seems to have eluded Microgaming.

My money is on the 17th September as being the likely date of UK player lockouts from those casinos that are still open to UK players, but that are not intending to apply for the UK license.

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