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Jun 30, 1998
Yeah, time for me to complain. This is some of the crap I deal with. Here's a Pitch a Bitch I received yesterday:

From: xxxx@yahoo.com
First Name xxx
Last Name xxxx
Casino Name catalina
Casino url catalinasports.com
Username or Account xxx
Who has been contacted: will and darlene
The problem: I have spoken to neteller and i emailed the shrink also about this:Sir,I appreciate you reading this first off. This is what happened.I placed 2 wagers on the under first half Dallas/Seattle last night and won. when i went to place the second half, the bet was changed either through computer error or human scamming. I am baffled that a company would change the wager. I printed out the wager and saved it for the Attorney general. I am the kind of person that doesnt take any crap from anyone and i know alot of people, so they think i am a jerk which is fine. Darlene said that this could have happened because i am an asshole, thats great news Will told me to fuck off, even when i told him i was contacting you and the RX, he said he didnt give a shit about you guys because you dont run catalina sports. BOTTOM LINE my deposit was 400 34 WU fees. i bet 280 on that game. so my balance was supposed to be around 535. I will not stop with them until i get back my deposit at worst. I WANT WHAT I WON, BUT I AM SURE THEY WONT DO THAT. THEY ARE ALSO TESTING ME VERY MUCH. I DONT CARE ABOUT THE MONEY AS MUCH AS I DO THE POINT OF THIS. YOU CANT GO AROUND STEALING FROM PEOPLE BECAUSE YOU ARE IN ANOTHER COUNTRY. PLEASE HELP ME IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM. i AM GOING TO CNN TODAY. MY FRIEND WORKS THERE. I AM MEETING WITH THE DIRECTOR TO SEE IF WE CAN DO A STORY ON SPORTSBOOKS. I AM INCLUDING CATALINA AS MY MAIN BOOK TO STAY AWAY FROM BUYER BEWARE TYPE THING. I AM SURE YOU KNOW ABOU THAT CRAP.ANYWAY, DARLENE SAID SHE CAN PRODUCE WHAT THEY HAVE CHANGED TO SHOW YOU THAT THEY HAVE ME TAKING THE OVER IN THE DALLAS FIRST HALF. THAT PAPER WORK SHOULD NOT MEAN A THING. I KNOW THEY ONLY HAVE 500 PEOPLE BETTING RIGHT NOW AND I KNOW THAT THEY CAN GO INTO THE COMPUTER AND CHANGE WHATEVER THEY WANT. AND THEY DID. I HAVE PROOF.. I ALSO OWN 4 COMPANIES THAT ARE SUCESSFUL SO I HAVE TIME TO DEDICATE TO THIS OUTFIT. I WILL NOT STOP UNTIL I AM PAID THE 434 OR THE 535. THE MORE TIME THAT THEY LET PASS, THE MORE PEOPLE I HAVE CALLED AND RAN STORIES WIHT. i DON T WANT THIS TO GO ANY FURTHER, BUT WHAT WOULD YOU DO WILL ALSO THREATNED MY LIFE. THATS NICE. I TOLD HIM TO YELL AT HIS WIFE NOT ME AND HE TOLD ME THAT HE KNOWS MY ADDRESS AND HE WAS GOING TO KILL ME. I HOPE HE COMES OVER SOMEDAY. THAT WOULD BE AWESOME. THIS FUCKER HAS NO CLUE. NOT ONETHANKS FOR YOU HELP.

i would like you to do whatever you can to get these thieves to return what is mine and go about there business. i will take mine elswhere. probebly to olympic, but i am getting a little turned off from the whole sportsbook thing. so if you could please try and get them to do the right thing and let me get out of their hair. they can piss others off, i dont have time to deal with scumbags that steal and disrespect hard working people in my country

About an hour later I get the following:

From: xxx@yahoo.com
First Name xxx
Last Name xxx
Forum User Name therxmember
Casino Name catalina
Casino url catalinasports.com
Username or Account xxx
Who has been contacted: will and darlene
The problem: i have not heard back from you and i need to hear from someone. I thought you were hear to help us, but after reading your info it seems to me that you also run a casino and pretty much try and protect them i dont need to read information on how some kid got ripped off playing cards online. if some dumb shlep wants to play cards against a computer, then he should be shot in public anyway. I have a sportsbook that is illegally changing peoples plays, lying about it and threatning customers. I am not too sure why this is happening. i am not a member of your forum and i do not get a news letter. I was told from some guy at neteller to contact you and this wouldnt take long at all, but i am a cunt hair from taking this a few steps further and if i do that, then the industry will have many many problems. I am not sure what it is you will do for me, but if its nothing , then i need to know.thanks, i know you are busy,

help. thats it. just help. i was told you are here for our protection and i need that right now. I am not an evil player, i didnt lie and all i want is my lousy 434 that i sent to these thieving assholes. i dont even care about what i won.

I wrote back:

Dear xxx,

Thank you for your pitch a bitch. Have not heard from me? You wrote to me
the first time about an hour ago. It's not like I'm sitting here twiddling
my thumbs.

Please indulge me with what "info" describes which casino I run.



Here we go a few minutes later...

exactly what i just said. I HAVE NOT HEARD BACK FROM YOU. i dont have a need or want to get a remark about you twidling your thumbs. i read your whole web site and some of it sounds like you are here to help us, the other is pretty much admitting that companies pay you to promote their casinos. you obviously have a casino that is being promoted on here (which is pretty smart business). I am not on here for shits and giggles and i hate typing to people. what i want is my money back. if these people want to steal from others, then its the players responsibility to contact you, so i dont care about them and the future. I want my hard earned money back. i actually won a goddamn game and i cant get my money. This same company made a mistake on monday when i took the Padres to beat the Cubs. The bet went in as an over 10. I called cause i noticed it, when i was preparing for my next wager, the manager had to go into the computer and take the play out. he would not give me the Padres. I could only have the play canceled, so i should have gotten out then. I had no idea this was going to happen again. It did and now they are not fixing it.
What can be done?? I have done some pretty off the wall shit and i have some great info that is very hard to get about this company. I am using it in magazines, pop up screens and one kick ass ANTI CASINO/SPORTSBOOK STORY that my best friend at CNN and i have come up with. let me know. also, being assholes to each other will get us nowhere. all i want is the right thing to be done. If they want to play hard ball, i will take away the casino priveldges and put them in the street.

A few hours later, he writes this (I think it was around three AM my time that he wrote it);

I came to you with a complaint. I got a rude response out of you. This goes to show me that you are : in to save the online betting industry, owning and operating a casino from the states, not going to get involved with legitimate complaints from people who dont take any shit off anyone and will stop at nothing to fuck the whole industry if i get fucked out OF ONE GOD DAMN DOLLAR!!!!! you people are all thieves and i will post bulletins/news articles/pop up screen buyer beware notices/ comlain to the AG's office and a whole lot more, until some punk ass thief from costa rica or some other arm pit shit hole gives me back the money they stole.
what makes you think that you can operate a businesss from where you are and act like you are helping consumers from getting scammed, when in reality, you are part of the problem. you are sitting in your expensive house and acting like the good guy when you get paid off of this shit and you are marketing your own product in the meantinme.
Since you didnt email me back, i take it you are not going to help. This is actually a good thing,, cause i wanted a project this month and now i have one. I like to show people that think they are swinging dicks in this or any other industry that they arent. i could fucking buy you and your family and i am so glad you chose to battle me instead of fixing this matter.

What a pleasant email to enjoy my morning coffee with. I felt compelled to respond:

Dear player,

You wrote to me for the first time yesterday, complaining about being ripped off - and an hour later you email me again demanding that I respond. In this same email you accuse me of "owning" a casino. I responded asking you to "indulge" me on this information. Simple as that.

Disappointing as it may seem, I do not set my alarm for 3am to dash to the computer to see if I have any emails, especially from you. Has it occurred to you that we are in times zones hours apart?

The "Pitch a Bitch" service is for Casinomeister members only. This is clearly spelled out here https://www.casinomeister.com/player-arbitration-pab/ If you are not a member, I am not obliged to deal with your problem. If you are a member, I do it on my own time - this is clear. If you don't like that, too bad.

I have several daily projects to contend with, and a number of legitimate complaints from members of my website to deal with as well. If you think I'm going to set these things aside to get involved with your half-baked ramblings you will be sadly disappointed.

I'm not battling anyone here, but if I receive another abusive email from you, it will be reported to your ISP.



Well this got his panties tied in knots :D

if you are that much of a pussy that you cant take complaines that what are you doing. you fucked with the wrong person this time. i will see to it, that your operation is well known. you obviously have pissed off a lot of people in the industry and i hate cocky casino people that put food on their family's table by stealing from others (that goes for promoting or protecting them), so dont give me your shit about half baked ramblings. you just started something that you cant finish. i will spend my whole day dealing with you and your smart ass attitude through others.
should watch how you type to people. you never know who is on the other end.
oh and call my Isp or whoever. what a cunt.

Ho hum. Another happy camper in cyberland. So how was your day? :D

Should I ask him to visit my wish list? :D
:lolup: :lolup: :lolup: :lolup:

So for real Bryan, you don't get many like that do you? OMG, I'm gonna read that all again with MY coffee. That's almost worth an admission ticket to get in here. Maybe the pharmacy was closed? :)
That stuff he's smoking is potent, no question...either that or he needs some anger management help! Hair trigger temper for sure.

Now tell us Bryan - where's this casino of yours and how about a pic of the mansion he knows you live in?
Maybe it's like the Playboy Mansion, complete with little hopping bunnies and everything. I'm sure that's what the writer sees anyway....still shaking my head. I'm waiting for all the repercussions that are coming when this person "springs into action" against the sportsbook in question. I know that "heads are gonna roll", geez it may end online gaming as we know it. I better get all my gambling in over the weekend, I'm expecting the shakeup by Monday latest. :D
He owns four successful businesses.... has sooo much money that he could buy and sell your family... has friends in high places..... yet the loss of four hundred dollars has him on the verge of homicide and/or suicide. And if this joker is writing a book as he says he is, he'd better pay his editor a million dollars for the time it'll take to fix all of his spelling errors. By the way Bryan... what kind of bonuses to you offer at your casino?
tim5ny said:
... By the way Bryan... what kind of bonuses to you offer at your casino?
Link Removed (Old/Invalid)
** oh my goodness !! and I thought I had problems! hehehe.. well, I hope your bonus T & C's are clearly in favour of the players!

But on a serious note... It must be very hard to deal with this, and it brings me back to the believe that sometimes the players need to be educated on how to get the best effect when they complain! **
Wow, just wow

I especially liked this, "should watch how you type to people. you never know who is on the other end."

Actually, since I've posted this, he's apologized. He said he didn't mean to call me the c-word.

Peace and love...
** Bryan, all's well that ends well.. I just had another giggle at the line
" i will see to it, that your operation is well known "

You should realy thank him then Bryan, cus he will do your marketing for you...

I guess we all have our moments... Sometimes humour IS the best way to deal with certain things, else we all going to go NUTS! **
casinomeister said:
Actually, since I've posted this, he's apologized. He said he didn't mean to call me the c-word.

Peace and love...

lol!! he's so insane that he thinks the c-word was the only offensive thing he wrote. With that kind of attitude, I wonder how this guy made it all the way to being a full grown asshole without somebody taking his head off. :what:

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