A good word for ‘all British casino’


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Jul 10, 2016
North east England
Just to say I liked this and was most refreshing.
haven’t played lots at all British or the brands involved, however every time I did the staff and CS have been superb.
Tonight as a long time member and small depositer at ‘all British’ I tried to log in.. to my dismay my email wasn’t recognised nor was my password...
Straight onto chat... a agent called ‘gill’ whom was lovely resolved the issue in moments and reset my password also giving me a free £5 bonus for the hassle... her manner and dialogue was lovely, a credit to the brand.
It’s really good to see some casinos actually give a shit about real players and value what they bring to the table.
All British will have a new regular for a few weeks.
Kudos ‘gill’ and the casino.
No issues, no hassles... was sorted out easily.


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Jun 15, 2013
I agree there fab jan the l&l rep on here went above and beyond to resolve a recent issue cant fault them ❤

I liked my action there to be honest, but lets not share the word in public :) hahahaha

@Playford7 - Thanks buddy for the efforts in your post. The solution for your problem was provided in a short period of time plus some extra services on top of that.
I like that and I thanked Gill personally and made the whole team aware of your post and compliments to her.

For the team in general this is what really matters. It is (although it should not be the case) sometimes really hard for them to provide suberb customer service all the time. Sometimes it's just to busy and you can't really add that "superbness" to your chats/emails or phone calls. So when a customer makes a posts like this, it is definitely a motivation for them to focus on those small elements that makes a customer a customer for life!

Thanks again buddy and I wish you the best of luck at All British!

Kr. Jan