A good poker day


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Dec 20, 2004
Ive decided as there aint any way to post winner screenshots for poker im just gonna tell of my great day of poker here. Start of day no funds in my poker accounts as have just had break from poker so deposit 200 dollars into uk poker . Sit down in a 25 stt a 27 mtt and put the rest on the omaha hi lo tables. Then proceed to win my stt for a 116 return i turned the 150 on the hi lo into 800 whilst playing my mtt which i won for a further 1300. What a great way to start a day 2500 in under 2 hours life feels good so i changed from this site to my next site ladbrokes sit down on the omaha hi lo tables with 200 and turn this into a nice 1100 in under 3 hours. Leave ladbrokes and head over to pokerstars and join the 25k mtt for a ten dollar buy in this is one of the best value tourneys that i know of. Three hours later i go out of it in 27th place to a scummy bad beat but still got a couple hundred dollars back for my 10 buy in. So at the end of the day i now have around 3500 sitting in my poker accounts ready for withdrawal. So i think ill head into ladbrokes tommorro withdraw some of my winnings immediately treating the other half. Hope all you others out there can do as well as me over the weekend gl and have fun.

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