A Good Bet Selection


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Sep 11, 2009
In connection with a good bet selection the Stretched D`Alembert surely is a good choice for the even money player. Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)

This is hardly a new idea. But, with a good bet selection, I don't think it is necessary to use a betting system!

This reminds me of what I have once read in an old book on roulette, explaining the Labouchere betting system (also known as the Cancellation system ). I don't remember the title, but I have noted the following sentence, because I found it quite remarkable:

I have found that rather than stick to one color all the time, if you find you are loosing more than winning switch back with the wheel or table for a few spins, or switch against the wheel or table until you pitch it up again. I have found that a lot of people get attached to red or black, odd or even, and if at first they have a good winning streak, they will continue to play the same way all the time. Remember this, because black or red, odd or even, has been lucky a few times, this does not necessarily mean that it will always be lucky. To break that habit before it becomes difficult, learn to switch rather than play all the time on one color or odd and even.

Again, if one knows when to switch colors - wouldn't that be the ultimate roulette strategy? - it will not be necessary to use a betting system at all.
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Jun 30, 1998
Actually, the best roulette strategy I'm aware of is sprinkling magic fairy dust on one's monitor and wishing for a color. Red or black - it works most of the time. :rolleyes: