Announcement A Fond Farewell & A Huge Shoutout to BGO


On a Break
Without going into detail, it is with deep regret that I am going to have to abandon my involvement with the Casinomeister forums, due to personal reasons.

I have very much enjoyed getting to know the wonderful members here, being involved in some lively conversations, drinking in the winner screenshots and receiving (plus hopefully sometimes offering!) some great advice.

Before I go, I want to make a big, HUGE shout out to Paul from BGO (and indeed BGO in general) for being the most outstanding CS/VIP rep imaginable.
This is an entirely independent comment based purely on personal experience, Paul has helped me greatly with a very serious personal issue [related to my account] very recently and also prior to that was on hand with amazing customer service skills, generosity and good spirit. I am thoroughly impressed by him and know he reads this forum so I want to thank him a million times and wish him the best. If everyone were like you Paul, the gambling industry would be far better place. :notworthy

Another shout out goes to Ian O from Butlers, who as we all agree, is a genuinely wonderful human being. :)

I wish all members lots of luck in your future gambling and all other endeavors. Thank you for having me. Over and out.

~ Chuzzle Addict ~


Ueber Meister Mouse
You will be missed.

Sincere wishes for a wonderful life hon!


Still a Lady
Good luck with the rest of your life Chuzzle!
You're a great guy :thumbsup:


Unofficial T&C's Editor
Staff member
OK, Chuzzleaddict, it was nice to have met you on here, and to have conversed with a fellow IGT enthusiast. I respect your reasons to say goodbye, whatever they are and hope the future is good to you. All the best from under the foil hat!:D


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It been great having you here Chuzzle, I wish you all the best in the future mate :thumbsup:


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Hi chuzzleaddict!

Sorry to see you go! But good luck with all of your current and future endeavors :thumbsup:

I'll place your account in the "On a break" user group so you won't be bothered with any mailings or announcements.