Question A few Q? on landing very extra features in games


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Sep 13, 2021
Hey guys,
I was thinking to start one new post on questions, possibilities, or experience on some of the great games out there and if you are able to land extremes in them :)
I am wondering if you are able, or anyone know if its possible, or has landed, or seen:

1. On Money Train 2 - I have had two persistent symbols few times, but can you get three persistent symbols? Or two of persistent snipers or collectors?

2. On San Quentin - I have had the police officer as a one "wild" a few times. Always with multi 4x. Can you get even like 5x or more multi of the officer? Can you get more officers (depending of number of bonuses landed) or can you get upgrade in bonus game (landing another police officer)? Ou and can you land two full Xwilds rows, or only one is possible?

3. On Pirates Plenty Megaways - I have had wild lady with monkey a few times (huge wins) and I had two ladies many times, but can you get two wild ladies AND a monkey? Or three wild ladies? And in the bonus game, can you get two wild ladies?
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