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A Dog's Final Day (grab your tissues)

Discussion in 'The Attic' started by dionysus, May 30, 2015.

    May 30, 2015
  1. dionysus

    dionysus can turn wine into water CAG MM

    I'm a Canucklehead
    A tear-jerking tribute to anyone's best friend.

    A Dog's Final Day (grab your tissues): died.JPG,May 30, 2015

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  2. May 30, 2015
  3. goatwack

    goatwack Brings The Ruckus To The Ladies CAG

    Sad & beautiful, RIP Dukey!
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  4. May 30, 2015
  5. Jasminebed

    Jasminebed Closer to 100 than Birth

    Not in workforce
    I needed a whole box of tissues!

    Today I helped a friend see her dad off. It stirred up so many memories of so many losses.

    About the only grief I didn't remember was my dog Pal I had to put down.

    The hamburgers really got to me. You know how please please mom can I have a dog? Turns into the kid leaves home but the dog stays? Well kiddo came over with a bacon cheeseburger, not for Pally, but for her lunch to say her goodbyes to her littermate. He hadn't eaten in days, and I knew in my heart of hearts we would not be bringing him back home after the vets. I made her give him the bacon, a treat he was rarely allowed for his own benefit. I helped him down the front steps to lay on the lawn, and the postman stopped to apologize he had no cookies today. Pal struggled and failed to get up for the pat that came even if there was no cookie. But dogs are pretty optimistic, maybe today there will be a cookie!

    Our lives are so much richer because of those we love, and those who loved us.

    RIP Dukey.
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  6. May 30, 2015
  7. chuchu59

    chuchu59 gambling addict CAG PABnonaccred

    My wife reminded me last night that our dog is now over 7 years old. While some dogs could live to the age of 15 or over we dont hope for our dog to live to 12 or more due to possible health concerns. My son will soon be studying abroad for 3 years and it suddenly struck me that when he returns the dog might be gone. So I am tempted to say to him to accompany our dog more. This is the sad part of having pets. You might not be able to cope with their inevitable departure as they only have a life span of one-seventh or one-eighth of yours.
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  8. May 30, 2015
  9. dionysus

    dionysus can turn wine into water CAG MM

    I'm a Canucklehead
    I really do appreciate and try to express the line:

    Dogs might only take up a small portion of your life....but for them, you're their entire life.

    Give the buggers the best one you can. :) You might move on. You're all they'll ever know. ;)
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  10. May 30, 2015
  11. osulle

    osulle Ueber Meister CAG mm4 mm1

    Northern hemisphere
    Thanks for the link.:notworthy I definitely needed my tissues.
    My dog takes up a huge part of my life. He's always there my constant companion. He makes me laugh and he is a very good boy. I have him four years now (he''s a rescue) and I have only been away from him for one night. I love him more than I do most people. I even share my steak with him! Cesar Milan would not be pleased but I don't care. I consider my dog to be a gift and feel privileged to be his Mom (cannot say own cause he owns me as much as I own him).:D
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  12. May 30, 2015
  13. snotter999

    snotter999 Senior Member

    Newcastle Australia
    This is my girl
    Terra is her name, she's my little Terra
    She is 7 1/2 now and i spoil her rotten everyday.
    She gets steak for tea every night and too many treats (loves her liver treats) every night at bedtime
    and sleeps with me every night.
    I often think about how long she will be around and hope it is for many more years yet!

    Attached Files:

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  14. May 30, 2015
  15. Alfran

    Alfran Experienced Member

    travel agent
    you will never get over stuff like this
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