A couple of questions? Thunderstruck 2 and more....


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I understand there are many of you that knows things I dont know here... lol

I wonder how many random wild symbols you can get in the Loke free spins in the Thunderstruck 2? I saw a screamshot here with almost the entire screen covered in green wilds..I though about 3 or 4 extra wilds were max..??

Then I saw someone that hit 5 wilds in basic game and was abit sad cause all other symbols were shitty 10-A´s...well that I DO know, you will never get any "good" symbols along with 5 wilds in basic game cause the 2 symbols above and below the "Wild" on the reels are just shitty symbols so its impossible to get 5 Wilds mixed with good symbols...

And another T2 question...in the Wild Storm feature...is it possible to get 3 and 4 reels covered in wilds? I myself ahve only gotten 1 or 2 and Ive seem some of you gotten all 5 reels covered but Ive not yet seen 3-4...I myself have got 1-2 about 20 times...but not 3-5...

And final question is about Party Casino...why is that casino on the rouge list? Its the worlds biggest online casino and payout within an hour or two...and they were the ones buying out good old Starluck long time ago. Starluck was the best casino back then...really miss it.


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Hi ceks79
I used to be on the party casino band wagon too until recently. :mad:
I had played with them ever since starluck left the scene and made many many withdrawals and loved the fast Neteller payments as i was always paid within 3-4 hours.

On December 14 i made a $400 withdrawal and got paid as usual but then i made a $200 one the next day and i never got paid...

So i wrote them and asked what gives and the first email i got back said that all cash outs are subject to internal review which will take 48 - 72 hours and then said i would be paid on 20th... 5 days later :eek2:

I write them back and ask what has changed and that i always get the email saying your cash out is received and pending internal review but then usually the same minute i get the cash out approved email and get paid a few hours later and that has been going on for years.... And also why would i be paid on 20th which would be 5 days later and you said 48 - 72 hours?

Now i get an email back saying it takes 3 business days and that this has always been there policy and that nothing has changed.:confused:

I gave them another shot and made another withdrawal a few weeks later just to see if maybe the previous withdrawal had been picked out to receive an internal review and it was not something that happens all the time but yes again i had to wait 3 business days.:mad:

I remember another member here having the same problem i have had and at the time i was a little hesitant to deposit there again but i did and made a withdrawal and nothing had changed for me...i was still getting paid fast as usual.

Maybe i hit the magic number and am now a couple of dollars ahead and they are trying to get me to reverse?

I don't really know but i do know its s*#t because i really loved their games but I'm not willing to wait around for 3 - 5 days to get paid...I'm too impatient for that :p

Oh and another thing that has changed i noticed is it costs 500 party points for $10 in the party store now and it used to only cost 400.


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LOL...im impatient too so this I can not allow if it happen to me...now I have ofcoarse not made any withdrawal for a long time so I dont know...but I guess Ill stay here until they start to work against me asa customer...?!?

I was so pissed on them them they took over good old Starluck...nothing stayed the same...not even the slots ran as smoothe as at Starluck...bad promos and rarely some free chips...just big and cold casino.

You remember when Starluck ran those free slot tourneys at the end...totally awesome...so many slot toruneys at the same time all days and big cashprizes...won like hell totally free and strait to my NETELLER...and this was 6-7 year ago probably...man i miss Starluck! :notworthy


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They were the good old days :D

They also had the best loyalty program around i thought.
You would get a pretty decent cash bones for what ever level you were each month and if you made it up to a higher level you would stay there for 3 months.

And when they had promos i think the wagering was like 8 times or something. You don't see that anymore :(

I broke the bank at starluck and party bingo back in the day:D

Party bingo went down hill also after the merge. :rolleyes:


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Exactly!! And somethimes there was some surveys for a buck each which helped sometimes when my NETELLER account was empty!
Once I had over $12,000 in my Starluck account balance...lovely casino! So nice feeling in the slots in the old software...same with Microgaming when the Vipersoftware were new...the reels bounced so nice in positions...now its all glitchy and no feeling...for ex Thunderstruck 1 slot...impossible to play it these days, no feeling!

Yes, Party Bingo was great, only Bingo I played is at old Party Bingo...