a complaint about rtg and playtect casinos in general


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Jan 20, 2005
i think game exclusion and forfeit winning is pretty lame becouse they know alot of players dont read terms so they want to control that if a player wins big they would be able to for eit their winnings this is usually at rtg and playtech imagine you go to live casino they give you bonus nice and when you go to roulette table start playing and win and you see manager come with 2 big bodyguard you played roulette pls give your winnigs to us wouldnt that be wow
If one is foolish enough to sign up for a casino and deposit real money without doing at least a small amount of research like reading the T&C, they can't blame the casinos or others for their problems.
I wholeheartedly agree that blocking games completely is a tactic so prone to causing problems that I can only assume those casinos who use it want to cause problems.

Impose a wager requirement obviously, allow only certain games to qualify for that wagering, fine, but don't for goodness sake ban games completely- its asking for trouble and there can be no justification for it.

When I load up a casino that I haven't played at for a while I always have to check if there are any bonuses on my account, what am I not allowed to do etc etc. Its wholly unnecessary hassle. If I want to mix it about a bit whilst plodding through a slots wagering requirement, that should be my perogative. If casino operators realised that every spin of the wheel (even when you've covered all numbers) or every turn of the cards is making them money, then hopefully they'd choose not to alienate their players by forfeiting cashins left right and centre.
There are certain games where the excpected payout is different. That is why cerain bonuses are only good for certain games. BTW last time I was in Vegas they gave me a coupon good for a match play bet on an even money game. I went to roulette and placed it on a single #. The casino said I had to play an even money bet. So guess what if it had one, the casino would not have paid me.

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